Shams & Decorative Pillows

Need to add a sophisticated look to your comforter set? Decorative pillows and European shams are an impressive way of sprucing up your luxury bedding. These pillows can also be used for other purposes than decoration. The most versatile bed accent is the European Sham, since it can be used for purposes other than decoration. It is a large sham that normally measures 26″ square and accepts your European stuffer pillow. This type of sham is placed in the back of all other pillows on the bed. It adds a smooth, decorative transition between your standard shams and headboard. One practical way to use the stuffer pillow is as a back rest. It is a comfortable pillow to lean against when reading a book, watching TV, or “resting” your eyes! It can also be used as a floor pillow in your bedroom, living room, or kid’s playroom.  European shams are offered with many bedding collections, and give your bedding ensemble an exquisite look!

Duchess Comforter Set Pearl
Duchess Comforter Set shown with decorative pillows & European shams
Rest Easy Sham Stuffer Pillow White
Sham Stuffer Pillows
Green Shells Palm Tree Pillow Marine Blue 18 Square
Decorative Pillows

2 thoughts on “Shams & Decorative Pillows

  1. How pretty is that Duchess comforter set! I’ve always loved the look of Euro shams, but I’m wondering if it’s okay to use them with a low headboard. My bedroom set dates to 1967, so the headboard does not have the height of more current headboards. I do enjoy using lots of toss pillows on the bed. Like the new blog!

    1. It really depends on the look you are wanting for your bed. If you are wanting to show off your headboard then the European shams may not be a good choice for you; however, if that is not a concern then they will still work great with a low headboard!

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