Warm Weather Solutions

Whether you prefer the comfort of your own home or enjoy spending time outdoors, consider these Warm Weather Home Solutions designed just for you!

During the hottest days of summer, many people will seek comfort indoors. Our solutions will help keep you and your home cool.  Suggested products include thermal and blackout curtains to keep the heat out of your home and moisture wicking sheets to help you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Weathermate Curtain Panels
“…I am so impressed with these! I hung them up at our sliding door, and within a few minutes, I could already tell a big difference in the temp close to the door…”

Cool Sleep Cotton Sateen Sheet SetFor those of you who would rather be outside, there are numerous solutions to help make your time more enjoyable!  These products include outdoor curtains and beverage dispensers.

Escape Stripe Grommet Panel
Escape Stripe Outdoor Grommet Panels
“Well made and look great! They block the glare without making my screened porch too dark, just what I wanted! They look light and breezy!”
-Sandi, KS

Corbel Beverage Dispenser

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