Celebrate the Olympics with Athletic Sculptures

Whether poised at the starting line or glued to the T.V., the world is plunging headfirst into the London Summer Olympics. The Greeks strove for olive wreaths instead of gold medals, but you don’t need either to profess your affinity for the prowess of the human form. Sculptures can channel that triumph and energy into even the most nondescript of rooms.
The Graceful Motions Gymnast Figurine is a resin snapshot of that moment when the body is in perfect synch with itself. An athlete elongates her spine and arches it gracefully overhead, toes just skimming the floor. Her sister sculpture, the Graceful Balance Gymnast Figurine, balances on her palms and pivots her legs skillfully into the air. Both harbor a quiet grace and are a lovely addition to any home.

Graceful Motions Figurine Aged Silver
Graceful Balance Figurine Aged Silver

If you prefer sports with a little more noise, however, then the Going for the Goal Soccer Sculpture is for you. This features athletes locked in vicious battle, cleats scraping relentlessly for the ball pinned between their feet. In the London Summer Olympics, these competitors are not called “soccer players.” According to Livestrong.com, “association football” was its original name in England, later shortened to soccer. Incidentally, the name caught on in America, while it remained “football” in Britain. So whether you’re rooting for the “football” players, the swimmers, or the gymnasts, use these sculptures to express your love of sports for years to come—instead of every four!

Going for the Goal Soccer Sculpture

Embark on a Safari Decorating Adventure

No need to pack a camera—now you can capture the Serengeti spirit with Safari style decorating! Watch closely! Camouflaged in the savannah grass are the Zuma Zebra Bath Accessories. Stripes race majestically along sloping contours with a grace reminiscent of zebras themselves. Lotion dispensers, soap dishes, tissue covers, toothbrush holders, tumblers, and wastebaskets are all tan with a stripe motif. Meanwhile, the Jawara Animal Print Nesting Table Set prowls the grasslands on sleek legs that resemble bamboo. The set includes three tables, each with its own individual print of leopard, zebra, or tiger. Finally, harking to the days of pith helmets and English explorers is the African Voyage Elephant Wall Tapestry. An elephant poses majestically against a backdrop of the African continent; the word “Africa” booming in antiquated print lends a sophisticated air to this fierce tapestry. If your home decor feels too domesticated, revive it with the exotic flair of these safari accessories.

Jawara Animal Print Nesting Table Set Black Set of Three

African Voyage I Elephant Wall Tapestry

Flower Shaped Rugs

What could be prettier than a blooming flower blossom, right on your floor? These unique, flower shaped rugs have contours formed by petal designs, creating a pleasant reminder of a floral bloom. The delicate beauty presented by these rugs brings blossoming romance and enchanting charm into your home. The rugs feature vibrant colors and come in many flower shapes!

Scarlet Magic Peony Flower Shaped Round Rug
“The real rug is even more stunning than the picture…”
-Wall Flower, CA
Tina Bloom Flower Shaped Rug
“The Tina Bloom rug is a real showpiece in our new bathroom. The colors are variable shades of teal blues. Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful rug.”