Embark on a Safari Decorating Adventure

No need to pack a camera—now you can capture the Serengeti spirit with Safari style decorating! Watch closely! Camouflaged in the savannah grass are the Zuma Zebra Bath Accessories. Stripes race majestically along sloping contours with a grace reminiscent of zebras themselves. Lotion dispensers, soap dishes, tissue covers, toothbrush holders, tumblers, and wastebaskets are all tan with a stripe motif. Meanwhile, the Jawara Animal Print Nesting Table Set prowls the grasslands on sleek legs that resemble bamboo. The set includes three tables, each with its own individual print of leopard, zebra, or tiger. Finally, harking to the days of pith helmets and English explorers is the African Voyage Elephant Wall Tapestry. An elephant poses majestically against a backdrop of the African continent; the word “Africa” booming in antiquated print lends a sophisticated air to this fierce tapestry. If your home decor feels too domesticated, revive it with the exotic flair of these safari accessories.

Jawara Animal Print Nesting Table Set Black Set of Three

African Voyage I Elephant Wall Tapestry

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