Sheer Personality

Sheer window treatments are where the home and the outside world intersect, where the rose dollops of morning first enter. But the sun and the sky are not the only aspects sheer curtains emit; your personality, too, is an aspect. The decor your personality naturally selects will channel your individuality, and curtains are no exception.

If yours is an elemental psyche and you find yourself wading placidly through life, seek sheer simplicity. Your sheer curtains are woven wafers of sun alighting gently upon your window. They twine contentedly around a single rod and require no further ornamentation. Neutrals like taupe, espresso, and ivory imply an agreeable outlook, unfettered by rigid color schemes. Seek the Montauk Sheer Grommet Curtain Panels.

Your spirit might crackle with a raw vitality that whisks you to all corners of the globe. Your voile curtains are emblazoned with unexpected prints like leopard or ocelot; they might just pounce from their curtain rod perches to prowl the floor. A sleek scarf valance lounges over the entire ensemble, its ends sweeping the ground like spotted tails dangling from Serengeti trees. Seek sheer excitement. Seize the Leopard Stripe Voile Window Panels.

Perhaps you are laid-back but not fulfilled simply “being.” You crave ornamentation without being too flashy. Seek sheer finesse. Faux silk is unpretentious but lavish, with rich colors like crimson, onyx, and espresso. A sheer ivory panel provides a subtle halo of sun. Seek the Tribeca Grommet Curtain Panels and the coordinating Soho Sheer Curtain Panels.


Maybe you are an old soul. You feel you belong to another time, and your notion of beauty seems old-fashioned to others. Pastel colors such as pearl, celadon, and light amethyst delicately skim the floors. Fan valances drip like confectionary bells from beneath a scarf valance, while the swag valance pair is reminiscent of butterfly wings. If you desire layer upon layer of luxury, seek sheer elegance with the Emelia Sheer Window Treatment.


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