Grape and Wine Decor: Always in Good Taste

Whether your inspiration is a forgotten vineyard nestled in Grecian columns or vintage bottles gleaming in an Old World pub, grape and wine decor can fulfill any decorating whimsy. Wine has been praised throughout history: in ancient Greece, a cult was formed to worship the deity Dionysus, god of wine. Grapes and wine are entwined with many cultures, so they are highly versatile in any home.

Nearly every home could benefit from a sprawling rug. The Beaujolais Grapes Area Rug accommodates grape and wine decor as well as vintage themes. Deep burgundy clusters of grapes form the decorative border. In the center, vines curl intricately around grapes in a tonal design, a romantic idealization of the importance of wine throughout the ages.

The Antique Grapes Kitchen Slice Mat also provides an Old World flair but on a smaller scale. Brushstrokes are visible in the red grape clusters, and the creamy background is texturized with sprays of brown. Like a painting meant for your floor, it is stain-resistant and anti-fatigue, even beneath the kitchen sink or front door.

The Wine Cellar Canister Set features more of that distinct marble color associated with Old World themes. This set also works as fruit-themed decor, with grape finials neatly topping the canisters. Meanwhile, the faux brickwork evokes the rustic charm of an Italian or Tuscan theme. Each carries the name of a wine scrawled in a classic font.

Indulge in actual wine with the Vina Bella Serving Cart. Vines heavy with grapes creep along the sides of this bronze-finished cart, with even the spokes resembling vines. This cart has a capacity of three bottles with stemware storage under the top shelf. Serving carts do wonders for Victorian or otherwise vintage themes but will not look out-of-place with more modern decor.

Grape and wine pieces are sophisticated additions to the home that will never go out of style!