Cold Weather Bedding Solutions

When the first frost ticks its icy fingers against your window this year, you’ll want a cozy hideaway from the chill morning air. Cold weather bedding is the key to complete coziness. It should embody all the warmth of a crackling holiday fire, so you won’t have to scurry off for more layers. It should also, above all, be soft! Who wants to wrap up in a coarse cocoon of scratchy blankets? The world outside might look like a freshly-shaken snowglobe, but cold weather bedding can help keep your bedroom from feeling that way.

The foundation of any cold weather bedding ensemble is a cozy sheet set. Swap your cool, summertime sheets for something more toasty, like brushed, ultrasoft microplush sheets. Available in a variety of colors, the Soloft Microplush Sheet Sets are downy and thick, enveloping your pillows and mattresses in shrouds of irresistible warmth. This luxurious sheet set is made from 230 gsm (grams per square meter) polyester, making it a high-quality addition to your bedroom. The flat microplush sheet will happily accompany you to the coffee maker or breakfast table on those especially brisk mornings.

Blankets are an obvious—but essential!—cold weather commodity. Choose down blankets or electric blankets to lavish atop your sheets. The Timeless Down Blanket is pure cambric cotton and filled with premium white down, the crowning glory to any soft winter sanctuary.

For the chronic “warm spot thief,” an electric blanket might be the better choice. The Beautyrest Electric Blanket is ultrasoft, polyester knitted microfleece with a reverse of solid microfleece. Twenty settings pinpoint your favorite temperature, and a 10-hour automatic shutoff safeguards your bedroom.

The Queen and King Beautyrest electric blankets come equipped with two controllers, ending the age-old feud of too hot versus too cold. Besides being luxuriously warm, heated mattress pads also have this excellent peacemaking feature in sizes Queen and King.

The nights are getting longer and colder, so make your bedding fuller and warmer! Cold weather bedding will transform those frigid nights and icy mornings into warm moments spent curled up in bed.

Feathery Soft Chenille Bedding

What, exactly, is chenille? You’re probably familiar with the word “chenille,” whether you dabble in the world of home decor or whether you thrive in it. Pronounced “shə-nēl,” chenille is a fabric made by wrapping segments called “pile yarns” around “core yarns” in right angle patterns.

Chenille is feathery and soft, with longer segments resembling woolly caterpillars. “Chenille” actually is the French word for caterpillar! Chenille has been around since the late 18th century; it might not be a novel fabric, but chenille is highly-praised for its unique appearance and cottony texture. Imagine combing your fingers or settling your cheek into the feathery threads of a chenille bedspread!

For a simple but cozy chenille bedspread of your very own, look no further than the Chadwick Chenille Bedspread. Sumptuous, tufted stripes cover this cotton bedspread, available in solid colors of green, blue, natural, red, or yellow. A three-inch tasseled border adds elegance. Even the coordinating shams and pillows are ribbed chenille fabric; mix and match colors for striking visual appeal.

If you seek a more “ornate” pattern, the Kingston Chenille Bedspread is the perfect fit. Tufted plumes form a blossoming floral medallion on this cotton bedspread. Like its Chadwick counterpart, Kingston is a solid color bedspread and is available in a soft palette of beige, blue, roses, sage, or white. Its two-inch, tasseled edges delicately skim the floor.

Finally, the Promenade Chenille Grande Bedspread lives up to its name with beautiful swag and bow designs that parade around a star and dot motif. Oversized to accommodate deeper mattresses, this cotton bedspread displays a regal but lighthearted air. Tawny, sapphire, and plum allow for sophisticated color possibilities.

Cozy and soft-to-the-touch all year round, chenille bedspreads hit a perfect balance between elegant and unexpected.  

The Cozy Serenity of Rustic Lodge Decor

There is nothing quite like the cozy serenity of a rustic lodge theme. This style weaves wilderness so intimately with your decor that a doe traipsing across your hardwood floor would be nothing unusual. To get this look, you will need home accents that seem to coax tree limbs right out from between the floorboards.

Woodland animals will make a natural atmosphere flourish in any room. Bears, caribou, and salmon trek steadily along bands of earthy colors in the Caribou Comforter Bedding by Croscill. Other outdoor elements such as canoes, pine cones, and leaves are interspersed among the animals, all surrounded on either side by streams of fleece trim and majestic plains of acorn microsuede. A plaid bedskirt complements this folksy comforter.

Silhouettes of bears flit along the Cabin Retreat Area Rug, along with fish and moose. These animals cavort around a neutral area bordered on either sides by triangular motifs. Merlot, Evening, and Praline are all color choices that sing with the multihued harmony of the forest.

The resin stag depicted in the Deer Head Wall Hanging sports impressive antlers and will look robust anywhere in the home.

Likewise, the Autumn Eyes Wolf Wall Tapestry draws its rustic inspiration from animal life. Gaze burning like an autumnal wood line, a wolf peers fixedly from behind fall foliage in this jacquard-woven tapestry.

Take a cue from the realistic Timber Log Wall Shelves and invest in rustic decor with a tree bark-like texture. Crafted from resin, these shelves appear to be fashioned from logs or twigs and will look right at home with your pine cones or faux greenery. These shelves will also proudly display your photos from successful hunting trips.

The rustic lodge theme, like the forest it occupies, should be allowed to sprawl from room-to-room. The Pine Cone Lace Shower Curtain features a pine cone motif in lace, bound above and below by a coniferous tree line.

The Pine Cone Bath Towel Sets mimic the soft brown of deer or squirrel hide and will coordinate beautifully with rustic bath decor. A cream shade is also available, a close cousin to the sight of nature blanketed over for the winter. Towels may be monogrammed for an additional charge to give your bathroom a personalized touch. Decorative bands on each color are embroidered with pine cones and pine needles. A little forest fauna will go a long way with the rustic lodge theme!

The Versatility of Camden Bedding

Camden Bedspreads are the rainbow candy assortments of the home decor world. And what’s better than the freedom to selectively eat all the purple pieces but shun the red? It’s all about choice! With a variety spanning the entire color spectrum, Camden Fitted Bedspreads will complement any room and every personality.


Imbued in the rich sheen of faux suede, a single color dominates each box-quilted bedspread. This color scheme may seem overly simplistic to the untrained eye. In fact, it is highly versatile. Color coordination with other home accents is easier with a solid bedspread. Pillows and window treatments can be mixed and matched effortlessly for added appeal.

The clever Camden Hollywood Daybed Cover will turn your mattress into a sofa by day and a bed by night. Available in Standard Twin and Extra Long Twin sizes, this three-sided cover is perfect for guest spaces and dorm rooms. A convenient cap on the back keeps this cover in place. Coordinating bolster pillows complete the chic look.

Plum, the newest addition to the kaleidoscopic Camden collection, has its matching curtains and pillows. The adventurous decorator, however, can borrow elements from the Impulse Duvet Cover. Plum, sand, and charcoal faux suede will mesh perfectly with Camden. Impulse provides a striking contrast with a box-quilted bedspread. 


Claret, charcoal, and sand Camden bedspreads will likewise create visual interest when coupled with banded pillows from the Rhythm ensemble. 


Waves of indigo, sand, and chocolate in the Indigo/Sand Vista window treatments are splendid overlooking the same Camden colors.


Russet, chocolate, and sage is by and large the most adaptable scheme; variations on this design include the Mesa, Fusion, and Camel/Russet Vista ensembles. Valances, shams, and pillows doused with these arid colors will all be right at home with the sleek, simplistic Camden.


If you are the kind of decorator who craves freedom and does not like options confined to a “set,” then Camden just might be the ensemble for you. View all the colors of Camden on Pinterest.