Lighted Outdoor Holiday Sculptures

Rattan reindeer and stout snowmen frolic in winter yards. Tree limbs and house eaves are jeweled with the sleepy blink of Christmas lights. A playground of lights and sculptures creates some of the most inspiring holiday sights. For a combination of these two yuletide elements, why not look into a lighted outdoor holiday sculpture?

Picture a family of snowmen trudging purposefully through the yard, bearing a wreath and present. Red scarves are bundled tightly about their necks. As a snowy conifer stands tall behind them, they trek onward, headed for a wintertime reunion of their own. Sisal, tinsel, and crystal beads give this jolly brood an icy texture. The Snowman Family Lighted Outdoor Sculpture will look charming clustered near the door, as though waiting to crowd inside.

Lighted Snowman Family Sculpture White

Santa has places to go, too! A golden bag of gifts hefted over one shoulder, he tromps through the snow. A spirited smile makes his burden of baubles and presents seem light. Looking especially fluffy and warm, his infamous attire and beard are wooly with tinsel. Specks of sparkle glisten like melting snow. The Special Delivery Santa Lighted Outdoor Sculpture will illuminate any entryway.

Lighted Special Delivery Santa Sculpture Red

Pair the Special Delivery Sculpture with the Tinsel Giftbox Lighted Outdoor Sculpture Set for a particularly dazzling display! This set of sculptures features an interesting array of presents in varying sizes. Crystal beads look like snow melting on hollyberry-red ribbons. The soft lights emitted from within make it appear as though you were gifted with the warm glow of the holidays.

Tinsel Crystal Giftbox

Finally, what is a winter wonderland without a few reindeer? The Rattan Deer Lighted Outdoor Sculpture features a deer surveying the sky, as though poised for flight. Lights wreathed through his limbs and antlers are like stars in a constellation.

Rattan Deer Lighted Sculpture

Place these lighted holiday sculptures anywhere about your home, inside or out, for your own festival of lights.

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