Lighted Holiday Wall Tapestries

Every holiday decoration, whether nestled on the mantel or fastened to the front door, has a voice. With boughs outspread, a wreath bids guests to come inside. Baby shoe ornaments whisper tender memories. Meanwhile, holiday wall tapestries are windows into heartwarming scenes. Lighted tapestries feature a unique interplay of fiber optic lighting that gives these wall hangings their own distinct voice.

The hearty, beard-blown chuckle of Old Saint Nick is resonant in the Santa Filling the Stocking Lighted Tapestry. Mr. Claus glances up in pleasant surprise at an unseen viewer, a doll cradled in one mitten, a stocking in the other. The bag he rummages through is an avalanche of crimson and gold baubles. Lights shimmer slowly above Santa’s head and in the accents of his coat. His laughing eyes reflect the enchanting aura surrounding him.

A more quiet scene unfolds in the Welcome Home Lighted Holiday Tapestry. Smatterings of foliage spray a landscape of towering pines and winter sky. Panning below, you will witness a house emerge from the wilderness. Small smoke plumes drift from twin chimneys. But even the crackling fires indoors do not rival the lights laden in windows and pine trees, porch railings, and fences. A child and dog romp in the front yard, while a horse-drawn sleigh slushes through snow.

Welcome Home Holiday Tapestry Blue

Of the three, the Thomas Kinkade Lighted Victorian Christmas III Tapestry is by far the most silent scene. An overcast winter morning might seem somber, but an implicit human element defrosts the mood. A tubby snowman smiles in the brush. A nearby streetlamp is crowned with a red bow. Glittering peacefully nearby is a dwarf pine tree ornamented in lights. The house looks cozy and lived-in, while the front yard snow catches the sun and flashes green.

With an interplay of light and scenery, these holiday tapestries speak good tidings to all.

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