Cold Weather Solutions for Your Home

As temperatures plummet, thermostat wars are being waged in homes everywhere. The chronically-cold, bedecked in their battle armor of fuzzy slippers and throw blankets, will inch the temperature up by one degree. Ever vigilant, the penny-pinchers will tick the temperature back down to a tolerable sixty-five. And so it goes, on and on, an endless wintertime battle. Sound familiar? The right wintertime products can put a stop to this madness! Look for cold weather solutions like thermal curtains, heated mattress pads, and cozy blankets that exude warmth without wasting money.

The Weathermate Insulated Thermalogic Curtains are a great first step toward easing thermostat war tensions. With a unique, insulated fabric construction, these thermal curtains keep the cold out of your home and your hand out of your wallet. The solid colors make for a low-key, elegant look that will not interfere with your current layout. From terra cotta to khaki, there’s a color for every room!

Weathermate Grommet Curtain Pair
Weathermate Curtains
“[We] noticed an immediate difference in room temperature – it was like we added another layer of insulation!”
If you’re unwilling to part with your original curtains, the Thermalogic Curtain Liners can be slipped between your curtain and window for the same money-saving effect.

Ultimate Blackout Curtain Panel Liner
Ultimate Thermalogic Curtain Liner
“I like that they can be hidden behind my current white curtains and they don’t feel like plastic, so the curtains still hang nicely.”
-KS from CT

Wintertime bedding also has a way of eliminating trips to the thermostat. The Soloft Microplush Sheets will indulge you in ultrasoft polyester. The fitted and flat sheets and even the pillowcases are enveloped in this plush material, engulfing you from all sides in a pocket of warmth.

Soloft Microplush Sheet Se
Soloft Microplush Sheets
“These are without a doubt the most comfortable sheets I have ever owned…so snuggly soft you won’t believe!”
-Carolina Girl from SC

Toss the Cyprus ComfortTech Blankets atop these for a lightweight, down-alternative cover that traps heat but will not suffocate you.

Cyprus ComfortTech(TM) Bla
Cyprus ComfortTech Blankets
“The best blanket [I ever] bought. Soft and warm…”
-Linda from LA

A heated mattress pad nestled below will radiate heat up from your mattress into your sheets and covers. Five heat settings and two controllers (for Queen and King sizes) mean fewer skirmishes over temperature. In addition, a 10-hour auto shutoff will prevent fire and will, at the very least, conserve energy and save you a few bucks!

Simmons Beautyrest(TM) Heated Mattress Pad White

So, keep the peace! Insulate your curtains and your bed with these cold weather solutions, and you’ll be well on your way to a warmer (and cheaper!) winter.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Ornaments drip from pine-needled boughs fettered with Christmas lights. Tree sap whistles and snaps in the flickering fireplace. What’s missing in this holiday scene? Christmas stockings, of course! Christmas stockings are the cherry on top of your holiday decor. Stockings are also a way of celebrating family. Whether a newborn baby or a newly-inducted stepmom, everyone receives a stocking, his or her name cordially nailed over the fireplace with all the others. A great addition to any holiday collection, personalized stockings are a heartwarming way to say, “Welcome to the family.”

The standard red-and-white stocking is a classic, but if you venture beyond its conventional design, you’re in for a stocking that is truly unique. Ornate and festive needlepoint stockings portray cheery Christmas scenes, each tenderly enveloped in a textured border. The needlepoint technique allows for minute detail, even in the shadows of a snowman’s body or the rosiness of Santa’s cheeks.

A person with a minimalist sensibility will appreciate the stark shapes of the felt Christmas Moments Stockings. Making use of the seasonal color scheme, each stocking employs dynamic reds, greens, and whites. Fluttering doves, perching cardinals, and smiling snowmen are just some of your choices, each portrayed with simplistic finesse.

The velveteen Christmas Present Stockings portray no pictures but are festooned with bells, braided rope, and sequins. This is just the stocking for that avid decorator in your life! A small, green present shimmers just below the cuff, where a name can be embroidered in stylish cursive.

Green Christmas Present Stocking

The needlepoint, Christmas Moments, and Christmas Present stockings can all be personalized with a name of your choosing. So what are you waiting for? Welcome someone special into the brood (or just get a much-needed update from those “classic” stockings!) Even a roaring fire and a well-lit tree are just not the same without them.

Lighted and Musical Holiday Accents

Silent nights are great, but if you’re going for “all is calm and bright” with a little kick, lighted and musical holiday accents are worth checking out. As two of the most essential holiday elements, music and light can be interwoven with classical pieces for a charming ambience in your home.

Shake up the traditional Santa Claus figurine with the Christmas Morning Santa Sculpture Set. This set of two features the polestar of Christmas himself bearing a pine tree and lantern and, in the other figurine, a stocking and candy cane. Within the resin bells of the coats, you can witness Christmas behind the scenes. Lantern Santa reveals elves decorating a tree. Stocking Santa harbors an eager boy and girl investigating the packages left mysteriously overnight. Within these scenes, a soft light shifts from color to color, while Old Father Christmas marches on.

Christmas Morning Santas S

The tender eyes of the Angel Glitterdome Lighted Table Sculpture will alight like snowflakes upon all visitors who enter your home. Like the hands upon her chest, frosted wings fold gently against her frame, while dainty fingers clutch a star. The skirt billowing below is a snow globe filled with sparkling glitter; light from the LED base will glance off glittery edges for a truly celestial sight.

The Gold Pillar Electric Candle Strand provides you with candles that the chilly December wind won’t extinguish. These gold pillars look stately with their beaded texture and undulating, waxy appearance. A warm sphere of light in the center of each will cast a beautiful luminance from your mantelpiece or other surface. Candles will look gorgeous nestled within your garland.

Gold Pillar Candle Strand

Really, lighted holiday accents will look gorgeous anywhere, creating an interplay of shadows and light with surrounding decor. Coupled with musical accents, a little light will enchant your home on those cold, quiet nights.

Possible Dreams Clothtique Santa Figurines

If your Santa figurine has fared way too many dusty “off-seasons” in the attic, it might be time to let the poor guy retire and find a new sculpture! Possible Dreams® will breathe a jolly exuberance back into your holiday decor with their astonishingly realistic Clothtique® Santa figurines. Characteristics of these Santas are their expressive faces and poses and hand-sewn, stiffened clothing. Possible Dreams is also infamous for its quirky portrayals of Mr. Claus doing everything from golfing to doing the jitterbug. With the advent of a few new Santas, some introductions are in order!

First up is the Naughty or Nice Clothtique® Figurine; Santa wields two stockings like a scale of Yuletide justice, one emblazoned with “naughty,” the other “nice.” But Santa wears an earnest expression above the life-like locks of his beard, leading the viewer to assume Santa will choose the candy-laden stocking over the other heavy with coal. Detail manifests itself even in these tiny lumps of coal, clustered together and bound by a ribbon.

Naughty or Nice Clothtique Red

The Red and Green Thumbs Clothtique® Figurine Set features Santa and his right-hand lady admiring a snowman shrub topiary. Mrs. Claus tilts her head to survey their handiwork, while Santa appears to have just snipped the final touches with his scissors. Laugh lines crinkling their eyes and intricate, green-and-red garden wear paint a realistic scene of husband and wive engaging in a new hobby together. This figurine is perfect for those who celebrate Christmas in a more temperate climate or are gardeners themselves.

Red and Green Thumbs Clothtique Set Set of Three

Finally, there is the Chocolate or Vanilla Clothtique® Figurine Set. One hand rested on his hip, the other clutching a chocolate and vanilla ice cream cone, Santa watches as two puppies wrestle and scatter cupcakes and batter. The green stockings and red house slippers suggest Santa was up for a midnight snack when he stumbled upon the scene. Try as he might to look stern at the mess being made, his rosy cheeks and kind eyes betray his amusement at the two curious pups.

Chocolate or Vanilla Clothtique Set Red Set of Two

Every figurine is a whimsical snapshot captured in the life of Santa, whether he’s taking up gardening for the first time or simply doing his job. Catch Santa in a candid moment with Clothtique® Santa figurines!

Vanity Chairs and Stools

Vanity chairs and stools bring a touch of nostalgia and prim poise to a room without turning it into an obstacle course. These pretty perches can be stowed tidily under a desk or makeup table to save space. When out on display, vanity chairs exude an old-time charm, calling to mind Victorian beauties or kohl-eyed flappers meticulously painting their lips.

The Belhurst Vanity Chair encapsulates that antiquated look with a solid wood frame, sleek cabriole legs, and a cane inset on both the back and sides of the chair. A seat that swivels 360 degrees makes both entry and exit one graceful movement. Providing interest with the gapped inset encircling it, the ivory cushion is dabbled with a diamond motif. A choice of natural cherry or antique ivory finish means easy coordination in any bed or bathroom.

Belhurst Swivel Vanity Chair

The popular Flare Back Vanity Chair is as mobile as it is beautiful. Double casters with 360-degree rotation can usher you effortlessly from place to place. The sturdy steel frame cradles a vinyl upholstery cushion. Plated brass, plated chrome, and powder coat nickel finishes make this vanity chair highly versatile as well.

Flare Back Vanity Chair  Flare Back Vanity Chair

The Odette Vanity Stool is a perfect addition to safari and Old World decorating themes. Crouching on scrolling, acanthus leaf legs, this metal stool is finished in gold with bronze and copper antiquing. Ribbed trim surrounds a woven chenille seat. The leopard pattern cushion gives this ornate vanity stool undomesticated elegance.

Odette Vanity Stool

Vanity chairs aren’t just places to preen! Durable and decorative with stunning ornamental motifs, vanity chairs are old-time accents with a contemporary flair.