Merry Christmas to You and Yours

The Christmas lights swoop and twinkle over the eaves. The ornaments perch in the boughs of a plump pine tree. The tablecloth is spread evenly, every wrinkle effaced, the centerpiece in the exact center of the dining room table. All those boxes, hefted from attics or basements, have been squirreled away into corners, patiently waiting until the decorations must come down again. But for now, just take a deep breath. Look around and appreciate your handiwork. You are finally done!

So let the holiday visitors file in. Let them witness the garland winding meticulously around your tree, the small, reindeer-drawn sleigh bumping along your mantel, the tender nativity scene huddled near the window. Once they see the time you’ve invested as well as your astute taste in decor, they are sure to shower you in compliments. What’s more, you have created a veritable haven for them. The holidays are best spent basking in a parade of warm colors and cheery decorations. Food just tastes better, words just seem warmer when you are immersed in a beautiful atmosphere. You have provided that atmosphere. Great job, stylish host, but now it’s time for a little break. Kick back, grab a sliver of fruit cake (or don’t), and watch your visitors revel in your well-decorated home.

How did you beautify your home this holiday season? What are your home decor plans for next year? Spread the inspiration and have a happy holiday!

Spring 2013 Color Palette from Pantone

In just a few months, the scraggly fingertips of winter trees will be stippled with gray-green buds. Easter lilies will push from the soil and trumpet their revival, kissing the air with their lemony petals. Spring is a dazzling season, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself incorporating its trademark colors into your wardrobe and home. Get a jump-start with the new spring 2013 color palette from Pantone; from fashion to home decor, you can bet these colors will be in shop windows and flowering trees alike this coming season.


  1. Emerald: Named Color of the Year for 2013, this gilded green is sure to be everywhere!
  2. Grayed Jade: Ethereal and dewy, Grayed Jade is a muted green, ideal for a soothing environment.
  3. Tender Shoots: Tender Shoots is unexpected but feisty. Envision a vivacious yellow-green pushing through the melting snow.
  4. Lemon Zest: Lemon Zest is a pristine and energetic yellow, like the first flash of March sunshine.
  5. Dusk Blue: A truly “zen” color, the palliative Dusk Blue will quench all who pause to languish in it.
  6. African Violet: This light purple is truly cathartic. Reminiscent of a lilac spray across a hillside.
  7. Linen: A clean and elegant neutral. Perfect on its own or when balancing out “louder” colors.
  8. Monaco Blue: Rich and jewel-toned, the deep Monaco Blue complements the softer Dusk Blue.
  9. Poppy Red: Among all these dreamy shades, bold red does wonders as a pop of color.
  10. Nectarine: A tart shade with a sweet side, Nectarine orange is vivid and luscious.

More color palettes like “New Old School” (primary colors with an edge) and “Footprints” (playful, “nursery-room” pigments) abound in Pantone’s 2013 color selection. Keep a look out for these cutting-edge color palettes, due to bloom in home decor and fashion worlds Spring 2013.