Corner Decorating Ideas for Your Home

You know that empty corner in your room? The one collecting dust? Get ready to sweep out the cobwebs, because any corner, big or small, can be customized to fully-functional yet stylish perfection. It’s all in the corner decor you choose!

  1. Corner Etagere: Ideal for displaying collectibles and photographs, an etagere will benefit a large, bothersome corner in an otherwise well-decorated room. Antique gold scrolls and four glass tiers make the Castleton Etagere a particularly elegant furnishing.
  2. Corner Table: The pedestal table serves the same purpose as the etagere but is smaller and more understated; the Victoriana Corner Pedestal, with handcarved floral patterns finished in natural cherry, is the perfect setting for a decorative lamp, which can brighten dank corners.
  3. Corner Cabinet: Whereas the etagere and the pedestal are meant to display, the corner cabinet stores all your treasures. The compact but attractive Lombardy Cabinet is finished in regal, English walnut and even reserves a flat space to accommodate a decoration or two.
  4. Corner Shelf: Limited floor space? Take it to the wall! The corner shelf just makes sense in an area like the bathroom, where the less clutter, the better. The Aldabella Wall Shelf supplies two surfaces of storage space cradled by stately metal scrolls in versatile hues of gold or slate.   
  5. Corner Desk: Besides providing a practical place to study, the corner desk can balance out larger items, like a sofa or an entertainment center, at the opposite end of a room. The Auston Desk, with or without hutch, is sturdy and comes with panel doors, drawers, and a slide-out keyboard tray.
  6. Indoor Fountain: To offset that potted plant in the entryway corner, try an indoor fountain. Trickling water and your vivid greenery will coalesce and enliven the entire room. The Classic Lion Fountain lends ancient wonder to the entryway, like stumbling upon forgotten ruins.
  7. Room Divider: A room divider can either fill neglected space itself or complement a corner accent, such as a potted plant upon a pedestal. The scrolling leaves and fleurs of the Ashville Divider are echoed wonderfully in your potted plants.

If you have a corner to fill, keep your surrounding decor and your basic needs in mind. What sorts of potential does that forgotten space hold?


What do you think?

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