Decorating a Wall with Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors should do just what their name suggests: that is, accentuate your most cherished decor. Besides providing additional light and depth, accent mirrors can coordinate with a room’s “main attraction,” lending it an emphasis it otherwise lacked on its own. The possibilities are limitless, but here are a few decorating ideas to get you started:

  1. Piece It Together: Create a multidimensional mosaic by combining accent mirrors of varying sizes and shapes—or mix in family photos with varying frames. For striking contrast, pair rectangular or square mirrors with round wall art. You can provide unity by selecting mirror and picture frames with similar finishes or embellishments.
  2. Find Your Center: This arrangement is ideal for highlighting an exceptional piece of decor. Whether that is a stunning canvas, an elegant lamp, or a whimsical clock, accent mirrors can be positioned all around to extend its influence and project its importance into the room.
  3. Play Up Some Drama: Sconces, when mounted between bands of accent mirrors, create a particularly stately atmosphere. Place a sculpture upon a wall shelf and have it preside over a kingdom of mirrors, or capture segments of its reflection for a mysterious look.
  4. Add a Console Table: Adorned with potted plants, candleholders, and other tabletop accents, a console table can add dimension and height to an already superb arrangement.

Accent mirrors are attention-grabbers and creative outlets all in one. View this video for more decorating ideas!

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