Decorative Nightlights

Decorative nightlights are beautiful beacons to guide you safely through pitch-dark halls or lightless bedrooms. Although practical, nightlights serve an aesthetic purpose as well, acting as finishing touches to accentuate your decorating theme.

As though blooming straight from the outlet, the Amethyst Rose Nightlight and Dogwood Nightlight will turn a gloomy hallway into an enchanted forest path. A porcelain nightlight and a handpainted nightlight respectively, these floral accents are highly-detailed, right down to the veins winding through their leaves.

Amethyst Rose Nightlight Dogwood Nightlight

The Mighty Elephant Nightlight, meanwhile, will complement a safari theme; this gentle giant will guide you through your nighttime expeditions with kind eyes and a poised trunk. A resin nightlight, this accent has creases in the trunk and a subtle gradient in the tusks for a realistic appearance.

Mighty Elephant Nightlight

Wine and grape decor will coordinate smoothly with the Wine Bottle Stained Glass Nightlight. A pair of stained glass wine bottles and one wine glass attach to a nightlight plug, allowing for endless customization with Switchable nightlights.

Whether your theme is Southwestern or vintage, coastal or contemporary, nightlights are the perfect final touches for any room.

Wine Bottle Glass Switchable

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