Drop the Lid on Boredom—Enhance Your Bathroom!

Nothing ruins a breathtaking bathroom quite like a drab, clunky toilet. Throw in a precarious stack of toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes, and you’re headed for one cluttered space indeed. But it’s never too late to turn a blah bathroom around! Bath furniture and functional bath accents can reduce clutter and maximize space. And even the most yawn-worthy toilet can be beautified with a decorative toilet seat.

Decorative toilet seats offer a wide selection of patterns and materials, assuring a perfect match for your overall theme. When choosing, keep the size of your toilet in mind; you don’t want to purchase an elongated seat if in fact you have a standard-sized toilet. The Jewel Shell Elongated Toilet Seat is a resin collage of molded shells, beach sand, and other underwater accents on a blue or beige background–ideal for a coastal theme!

Jewel Shell Elongated Toilet Seat

Space savers, meanwhile, are meant to accentuate and organize your bathroom. Overhanging shelves present the practical function of accessory storage, while decorative accents coordinate with your theme. The Gianna Space Saver, in regal Venetian gold, has glass inset shelves and romantic, heart-shaped scrolls spiraling throughout.

Toilet paper holders possess the all-important purpose of making toilet paper neat and readily accessible. Toilet paper stands, like the opulent Aldabella, are positioned on the floor, while toilet paper holders mount to the wall. The Aldabella Toilet Paper Holder furnishes elegance and a nifty place to store magazines.

 Aldabella Wall Magazine Rack with Toilet Paper Holder

To accentuate a rustic lodge theme, try the Stinkin’ Bear Toilet Paper Holder. Toilet paper roll storage is made simple with the Lace Design Toilet Roll Holders; these trim canisters will funnel your rolls into tidy, out-of-the-way stacks.

Stinkin Bear Toilet Paper Holder  Lace Design Toilet Tissue Holder

And finally, a Toilet Brush and Holder Set provides a hygienic place to stow away the very necessary—but at times unattractive—toilet brush. Sleek chrome and an inlaid plastic liner exude a futuristic asepsis in your bathroom.

Slender Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set

With a dazzling decorative toilet seat and a little extra space, you can streamline your bathroom into a harmonious, relaxing place.


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