Spruce Up Your Outdoor Entryway

With frost-pale lawns and haggard, empty trees becoming less and less of a common occurrence, the time has come to cast off the melting vestige of winter and turn our sights to spring. The entire world is waking from the somnolent lull of the cold, and as we stumble into the bracing sunshine, we take a look around and realize our outdoor areas need a little help starting the spring transition. And why not? Warm weather means more time spent outdoors; neighbors and guests and family alike need an aesthetic space to enjoy the renewed birdsong or to watch the flowers grow.

A good place to start is right at your front door. Trade the worn “Welcome” mat for something more vibrant but equally amicable. The Tuscany Slice Doormat looks as though it were carved from the bed of a gentle brook. A hardy cobble of stones forms the heart of this rubber doormat, while the outside is ringed by multicolored pebbles. Utilizing this same design, the Tuscany Rubber Stair Treads fit evenly over each step to provide a fragmentary display of beauty.

Surrounded by your rough plaster walls teeming with vines or a sunbaked patio littered with terra-cotta pots, the Tuscany Doormat and Stair Treads are the finishing touches on your own sunny villa. Made in the USA from recycled rubber, these doormats and stair treads are also eco-friendly, assuring many mild and enjoyable springs on our planet to come.

What do you think?

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