Outdoor Curtains for Your Home Paradise

Crossing from the air-conditioned currents of your house and into the humid world outside is always a little dizzying. But outdoor curtains hung strategically over the exit make the perfect tropical transition, signaling to guests and family their eminent entry into an outdoor paradise of your own creation!

Sheer outdoor curtains deter the curious, over-the-fence-glance while still admitting sunlight and airflow. The Escape and Biscayne Sheer Outdoor Curtain Panels will make a breezy enclosure out of your pergola. A translucent waterfall of decadent fan leaves, the Biscayne panels invoke images of paradise. The solid sheer Escape panels, on the other hand, can coordinate with the patterned Biscayne to create visual interest. Exempting freezing weather, both grommet top panels are well-suited for the outdoors in most seasons. If they happen to get dirty (as outdoor items are wont to do), they are machine washable.


Sheer curtains may provide adequate privacy, but perhaps your idea of an outdoor paradise is more like a deserted island? The tab-top Matine Outdoor Curtain Panels are a “solid choice” for those wanting to create an isolated getaway safe from prying eyes. Solid hues of blue, green, pearl, natural, and white make coordinating with other outdoor elements a breeze. To diminish sunlight, choose darker colors; lighter colors will permit more natural light.

The Natural Bamboo Outdoor Curtain Panels are recommended for a covered porch or patio and look particularly tropical. The fibrous texture complements woven outdoor furniture, and the espresso color blends well with surrounding, earthy pigments. This window treatment should not be exposed to harsh elements. A damp cloth and a soft brush will make quick work of any dirt.

Last is the Outdoor Duo Tension Rod Set, the ideal hardware for a covered patio or porch. The espresso and nickel finishes, as well as the vast range of available sizes, will assure a perfect fit for every window treatment. The set includes an adjustable rod, end caps, and hanging hardware. Like the Natural Bamboo Panels, this Tension Rod Set should not be exposed to harsh elements.

Gazebos and decks, patios and pergolas, even balconies can all be transformed by the simple addition of outdoor curtains. Think of them as the finishing touches on an otherwise perfect space—the little paper umbrella in a glass of lemonade!

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