Crown Your Bedroom with a Wall Teester

With a coordinating wall teester or bed crown, you can revel under a sumptuous canopy of curtains or appreciate the “waterfall effect” from afar. Wall teesters are stately accents from which curtains or scarves can be suspended, resulting in an elegant look as they part around the headboard to sweep the floor. A curtain rail just behind the bed crown allows for easy and discreet hanging. The bed crown, true to its name, gives the bedroom a royal impact that just can’t be imitated with any other accent.

For those attempting to coordinate with a classical or Old World theme, the unfurling plumage and antique ivory finish of the Natasha Wall Teester create the appearance of a timeworn heirloom. A leafy medallion fans out elegantly in the center, while a bouquet of acanthus scrolls grows rampant on either side.

The Teagan Wall Teester is a trim and sleek counterpart to Natasha, with metal swirls sweeping like wild vines. Golden-bronze wisps of fleurs and leaves burst at the end of each scroll, and the verdi bronze finish with gray wash is reminiscent of a sculpture burnished by many years.


After considering which wall teester will best complement your decor, you’ll need to select panels. The panels should be at least 84 inches in length and will look magnificent if you can tie the pattern or color into the bedspread. You might need longer panels depending on the height at which you mount the teester and whether you want the fabric to pool on the floor.

However you dress up your wall teester, mount it proudly above your headboard and watch your bedroom transform into an opulent palace.

One thought on “Crown Your Bedroom with a Wall Teester

  1. I have the crown and love it but I just seen this idea and now I’m in love with how the Windows look with the teester. You just brought beauty to a whole other level. Thank you so much.

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