Decorating Your Home with Console Tables

At first blush, the term “console table” might seem misleading. Dust bunny breeding ground? Certainly. Bricolage of junk mail and candle stubs? Sounds familiar. But the truly consoling thing about the console table is its sheer versatility. Treated like a decoration instead of a clutter magnet, the console table melds effortlessly with surrounding decor and can be whatever you need it to be.

1. Next to a Wall: Console tables provide the additional height needed to obscure an empty wall with eye-catching embellishments, and what could be more eye-catching than a dazzling array of mirrors? The mirror grouping, interspersed tactfully with wall shelves, candleholders, and photo frames, fashions an eclectic collage spanning the length of the console table below. To avoid overwhelming this space, balance is key.

Below, a covered urn is elevated by a stack of archaic-looking tomes, assuring the candleholder does not dominate the table’s left side. Rectangular and circular frames create a curious juxtaposition, while an overall golden color scheme provides a murmur of unity.

A single mirror can be just as compelling as a montage of smaller ones. Mounted overhead, one voluminous mirror can transform a console table into a vanity. Embellish the surface with vintage perfume bottles or heirloom jewelry. The Maquinna Console Table, buoyed by three curvaceous legs, is a sleek, platinum-finished furnishing encrusted with faux pearls and translucent gold gems.

2. In the Hallway: Another welcome location for console tables is the foyer. The often small space that comprises an entryway is no issue for the compact console table, which also provides a convenient surface to deposit car keys or mail.

Below, a petite table lamp emerges from a deluge of greenery atop the Florio Console Table. The ivory finish ensures perfect coordination with any color scheme, and the resin leaf carvings make for an antiquated sensibility.

3. Beside a Picture Window: Placed beside a lavish window treatment, a console table provides subtle contrast without stealing the spotlight. A carefully chosen flower arrangement placed on its surface will nicely complement the blossoms in floral curtains.

The natural cherry finish of the Sarantino Console Table will offset the decorative accents you choose to display on its top or bottom shelf.

4. In the Bedroom: Arranged beside the bed, a console table becomes a wonderfully unexpected nightstand. Reading glasses, picture frames, jewelry boxes—all items in equal parts functional and beautiful can seek refuge on top. Drawers and bottom shelves, meanwhile, will harbor mementos or even a favorite art piece.

Below, the Elliott Console Table is adorned with a carefully-balanced composition of photos, faux greenery, and books that draws the eye gently from tier to tier.

The bedroom console table also performs well as a simplistic entertainment center. Equipped with a TV, a console table consumes little floor space and is easily maneuvered around. The storage drawers of the Hartwick Console Table will harbor the elusive remote control, while the bottom shelf is ideal for a gaming system or a DVD player.

Initially, a console table might not seem all that promising, given its propensity to clutter quickly. But it’s time to dust off that inspiration and start visualizing these magnificent pieces in new places, with new purposes. A console table just might be the missing piece in your home decor.



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