Refresh Your Bedroom with Quilt Bedding

If quilt bedding seems like an antiquated choice for your bedroom, think again! Bed quilts provide you with an array of options, both in design and styling.

For those who cherish family heirlooms and are drawn to the vintage aesthetic, a patchwork quilt or patterned quilt is essential. These traditional designs capture the spirit of days gone by. The Blooming Prairie Patchwork Quilt Set blossoms to life with a melange of pretty flowers and hues. The patchwork design provides you with a time-honored appearance, while the fresh, pleasing palette keeps your decor from looking staid.

Bed quilts can also punch up a decorating theme with fun motifs and patterns. The crisp look of the Nautical Stripe Quilt Set will delight coastal dwellers and landlubbers alike. This cotton quilt sails right along with an assortment of solid, pinstripe, and plaid bands. Colors of indigo, crimson, and white give the bedding an unmistakable nautical vibe.

Embellished quilts prove that the difference is in the details. Appliqued, patterned fabric pieces meander across the face of the cotton Wisteria Garden Quilt, as well as the coordinating shams in the set. The fabric petals and leaves create an overall wisteria blossom design that will charm the nature lover within.

Though important, design is not the only consideration. Keep the fill type in mind as you make your selection. A polyester-filled quilt is typically lighter and more affordable than its cotton-filled counterpart. Polyester fibers trap air to keep you warm without the weight; however, polyester fibers do not breathe as well as natural ones, and may cause you to overheat. A cotton-filled quilt is more expensive, but provides you with breathability and can be used comfortably throughout the year.

Customize your bed quilt with accessories, from bedskirts to shams and pillows, to create a layered look. You can also play around with matelasse accents – the solid color provides the perfect backdrop, allowing your quilt bedding to shine!

Finally, quilts can also be showcased on a blanket rack, adding to their versatility. A handsome blanket rack will keep your quilt easily accessible and neatly displayed.

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