Automatic Paper Towel and Soap Dispensers Help Prevent the Spread of Germs

Squeeze in those checker-blanket barbecues and poolside rendezvous while you still can, because summer is on the downswing, and fall is fast approaching! Candy-corn-striped and aromatic with the spicy promise of pumpkin pie, autumn is an eagerly-awaited season, even if it means shorter days and frosty windshields. Oh, and germs. Flu season makes its big debut in October, so if you want to actually taste that turkey come Thanksgiving, you’ll need to germ-proof your house (which has, quite frankly, missed having you around).

A starting place to wage your war on germs is the hub of your home, no matter the season: the bathroom. An automatic soap dispenser cuts out the need for a grimy (and high-traffic) pump. A blue light sensor, detecting your hand, signals to the 6 fl. oz. dispenser to release the perfect dollop of soap. The Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser is streamlined and crane-like, with a choice between clinical white or a neutral nickel finish. In the Otino style, classic black assures effortless coordination with surrounding decor, whether it be a stark porcelain sink or an onyx coffee maker.


Of course, the kitchen is also a suspect area for an influenza ambush (and food preparation is one activity germs never need a role in). A motion-activated Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser, with just a wave of your hand, distributes towels in precise, perforated increments and automatically retracts any excess back inside. From start to finish, washing your hands is made into a cleanly process, not a ritualistic re-application of all the bacteria you’re trying to avoid. Contemporary finishes of white, silver, black, and red keep this piece from looking too industrial.

You might soon be trading lemonade for hot cocoa or your flip-flops for winter boots, but your home aesthetic need not be sacrificed to make everyone under your roof just a little bit healthier—and happier!—this coming season.

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