How Sweet! Indulge in the Scents of Ribbonwick Candles

What scents tempt your nose the most? Are you a self-professed “foodie,” drawn to the aromas of sweet, baked concoctions like decadent pink cake? Or do comfort-based, homey fragrances, like those of linen and cotton, make you the happiest?

The Ribbonwick scented candles are available in enough olfactory options to suit any preference. These unique candles have a curving, horizontal wick that is hypnotic to view when lit, coupled with an engaging scent. Decorative holders, some with patterns or special shapes, make these candles ready for display in your home.

For Valentine’s Day, what could be more appropriate than the Love Ribbonwick Candle? This pretty pink candle, with its cake-and-buttercream scent and heart-shaped glass holder, is just the thing to light up the sweetest day of the year. 

Love Ribbonwick Candle Pink