Showcase Your Favorite Accents with Display Easels and Stands

Ah, that stunning decorative plate or darling little artwork. Did you recently come home with it after a fruitful day out antiquing? Or was it the result of an intense bidding war? Maybe it was something you stumbled across online and “just had to have it.” However you procured it, your treasured find is here now, safe and sound… But what do you do with it next?

If you wish to showcase that special item rather than put it away, a display easel or stand may be just what you need. A display easel unobtrusively holds your favorite home accent for as long as you like. And when you’re ready to change your decor, it provides a multitude of possibilities. Instead of a decorative plate, you might like to display a framed artwork, picture frame, ceramic tile, canvas, plaque, shallow bowl, or tray. If you have a deep serving bowl or platter to exhibit, be sure to check that the display stand is deep enough to accommodate it.

Modern Tripod Display Stand Silver Baldwin Display Stand Oil Rubbed Bronze

Tabletop display easels are perfect for flat surfaces and for small home accents, but if you have a large artwork to present, consider a floor display stand. A floor easel will better support large pieces, and, once it is set up, it requires little fuss or arranging.

Utica Metal Floor Easel Espresso

If your wall space is looking rather drab, try a wall display easel. A wall mount stand will free up tabletop or floor space while elegantly displaying your platter, artwork, or tray. If you have a grouping of plates to display, simply look for a plate rack.

Dawkins Scroll Display Stand Black Regal Plate Rack

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