New Exclusive Luxury Bedding for Fall

Is your current bedding looking a little faded and worn? Do you long to replace it with an ensemble that is both unique and elegant? Designed by Touch of Class(R), the Bellamy and Couture bed patterns are sophisticated in both design and color palette. These exclusive luxury bedding ensembles will give any bedroom an infusion of opulence and will be a fitting complement to your most refined furnishings.

The Bellamy comforter drapes across your bed with quiet grandeur, displaying a silver gray ground with charcoal stripes and an ornate pattern in platinum. Scrolling acanthus leaves beautifully frame lavish flower bouquets. The romantic designs call to mind the modest sensibilities of yore – you can almost imagine a dashing suitor ready to woo a charming young lady with the pretty grouping of blossoms. Pleats adorn the bottom corners of the flange that trims the comforter face. Many of the coordinating accessories are embellished with pleating or fabric-covered buttons.

Bellamy Comforter Set Silver Gray

Though most high-quality, Couture ensembles make their big debut on the runway, this one is already available for you to own. This puff-jacquard, tailored bedspread rivals any luxury bedding with its classic damask designs, pleated drop, and twist cording trim. Shades of ivory and pale blue compose the demure color scheme, ensuring you’ll never need to worry that your bedding isn’t in good taste. A 24” drop allows this grande bedspread to accommodate deep mattresses. Layer the decorative shams and pillows to create the splendid look you desire.

Couture Grande Bedspread Pale Blue

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