Create a Unique Display with Photo Frame Puzzle Piece Wall Art

All you puzzle enthusiasts out there: Do you start with the corners and outside edges first? Or do you choose your favorite part of the image and work from there? Do you find something gratifying about having the pieces fit so nicely together? Channel that puzzle passion into your home decor with the Puzzle Piece Wall Art.

These painted wooden plaques are shaped like puzzle pieces and are meant to be displayed on your wall. You can fit the pieces together, just like a puzzle, to display your favorite photos along with solid colors and inspirational quotes. These USA-made wall accents also make fun and unique gifts. Each photo frame puzzle piece has a plastic insert to protect your photograph.

The Love and Marriage Puzzle Piece Wall Art allows you to create a collage of treasured photos from your wedding and marriage. Sentimental quotes about love and marriage make this display especially memorable. Choose as many or as few of the pieces as you like, and arrange them to your heart’s content. Three of the puzzle pieces will hold a 6″x4″ photo; another will hold a 4″x6″ photo; the solid black piece will hold a 5.5″ sq. photo.

Mr and Mrs Quote Photo Frame Black

The Family Puzzle Piece Wall Art turns your cherished photos into an even more meaningful display. Your favorite pictures will be surrounded by quotes about family, love, home, and memories. The Our Family Two-Photo Puzzle Piece will hold a 4.5″x3.5″ photo and a 4″x6″ photo. The Love Photo Frame Puzzle Piece will hold a 6″x4″ photo.

Our Family Photo Frame Cream

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