NaturalStone Bakeware and Microwave Bacon Cooker

Throughout the hot days of summer, you may have kept your distance from oven-dependent recipes – why heat up the house when you can stick to cold sandwiches, the stovetop, or the microwave? Now that we’re heading into fall, however, you’re probably craving the comfort of baked dishes. And as the autumn chill sets in, you won’t mind warming up the kitchen. Before long, you’ll be opening the oven door to bubbling, cheesy dishes, golden, flaky crusts, or the heady scents of pumpkin and spice.

Whether you’re a beginning baker or an accomplished chef, you’ll want to start with quality bakeware for the best results. NaturalStone™ bakeware is the answer! These premium baking dishes provide even heat distribution for exceptional baking and crisper crusts. Made in the USA, NaturalStone™ clay accents are durable and long-lasting. Handmade, hand-finished stoneware is oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. If you need a pie pan, loaf pan, casserole dish, or rectangular baker, NaturalStone(TM) bakeware is up to the task. These baking dishes also make wonderful, useful gifts for all the bakers on your Christmas list. They’ll be grateful for your thoughtful gift each time they feel like baking! Choose from four colors to find the perfect fit.

NaturalStone Deep Dish Pie Pan

Even if you’re all thumbs when it comes to baking, you can still enjoy the fine qualities of NaturalStone™ with the Microwave Bacon Cooker. Whether you’re looking to step up your breakfast or you have a hankering for a classic BLT, this cute cooker makes it easy. With this durable accent, you can forgo the skillet and use your trusty microwave instead! Shaped like a pig, this bacon cooker promotes even heating for a better, crisper bacon. Raised edges collect the grease, so you can enjoy bacon that is a little healthier and hassle-free.

Bacon Cooker Natural


The NaturalStone™ story starts with David H. Haegar, a young immigrant who founded the Dundee Brickyard in 1871. As the decades passed, this small-town brickyard grew to become America’s oldest and one of the largest production potteries in the world. Haegar® NaturalStone™ items are made from clays mined in Kentucky and Tennessee. Each piece is hand-finished before being fired, and only those pieces that pass a rigorous inspection are sold.