Fall in Love with Stone Soup Santas, the Ultimate Holiday Collectibles

When it comes to holiday lore, Santa Claus looms large, a beloved yet mysterious figure. The best Christmas decorations give us a glimpse into the Jolly Elf’s world, sparking our imaginations. The luxurious, beautifully sculpted Stone Soup Santas do just that, capturing Santa as he returns from a wintry trek or shares his bounty from the grape harvest. Measuring 26”-28”H, the Stone Soup Santas will look fabulous next to your Christmas tree, at the side of your fireplace, or near your indoor entryway.

The magnificent Stone Soup Santas are sought after by collectors all over the world, and for good reason. These cherished holiday sculptures are designed and handmade from the finest materials by Shelie and Richard McCall from Stone Soup. Hand-assembled in the USA, each Santa features details so real you will look twice. Santa’s face is hand-sculpted, then perfected with handpainted details and a Tibetan wool beard. Elegant attire is composed of a variety of fabrics and reflects the theme of that particular Santa.

Hand-signed, limited edition Stone Soup Santas will be a source of pride in your home. Charm family and friends with these lovingly crafted and original Christmas decorations. Click here to view our entire collection of Stone Soup Santas.

The Provence Noel Stone Soup Santa and his plush donkey friend carry baskets brimming with grapes. Santa wears clothing reminiscent of an old-time shepherd, including a tan faux fur coat and a green faux suede vest. Wine enthusiasts will love the vintage appeal of this Santa decoration.

Stone Soup Handmade Provence Noel Santa Multi Earth Stone Soup Handmade Provence Noel Santa Multi Earth

Santa makes friends everywhere he goes, so it’s no surprise that these polar bears have joined him. The Polar Bear Prance Stone Soup Santa has traded his traditional red suit for winter white, faux fur attire. He holds a glittery twig and carries a pack lavishly filled with silver and gold baubles and foliage.

Stone Soup Handmade Polar Bear Prance Santa White Stone Soup Handmade Polar Bear Prance Santa White

Santa can’t wait to deposit cuddly teddy bears for wee ones on Christmas Eve. As he carefully prepares the gifts, he knows there are Never Enough Bears. This luxe but lovable decoration features the Stone Soup Santa in a velvety, holiday red cloak. He carries a suede pack filled with sweet bears and holds a light brown bear with both hands.

Stone Soup Handmade Never Enough Bears Santa Red Stone Soup Handmade Never Enough Bears Santa Red

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