Learn Your Prints and Patterns: Names and Descriptions for Home Decor Fabrics

Are you obsessed with fabric pattern names and designs, or do you feel lost among gingham, houndstooth, and paisley? Brush up with these home decor swatches and corresponding pattern descriptions (scroll toward the bottom).

Pattern Names

Basket Weave
A pattern inspired by the appearance of a woven basket.

Buffalo Check
A check pattern with stripes of equal size; larger than a gingham check.

Strictly speaking, a chevron is a “V” or inverted “V” shape. A zigzag pattern, often with stripes of equal thickness, is commonly referred to as a chevron design.

Damask (derived from the Syrian capital city of Damascus) originally referred to a luxurious fabric with unique woven designs. As a pattern name, damask usually indicates an elaborate design with flourishing acanthus leaves, though many variations exist, from cats to chandeliers.

A stylized lily design; historically, it was a symbol of French nobility, though its origin can be traced back to ancient times.

A complicated ornamental pattern that is often geometric.

Typically, a small check pattern with stripes of equal size; smaller than a buffalo check.

Greek Key
A type of fret design characterized by right angles and often used as a decorative border. Also called a meander, the Greek key design is thought to symbolize infinity and unity.

A pattern with hexagonal shapes.

A duotone, broken check pattern, originally from Scotland.

A complex dye technique used to pattern textiles, with roots in many cultures around the world; ikat prints inspired by this technique can be simple or intricate, often with a hazy or blurred effect.

Jacobean Floral
A fanciful, stylized floral design that harks back to the reign of King James I of England in the 17th century.

A crisscross design that can be simple or ornately embellished.

A tile pattern with lantern-like shapes.

A design inspired by the ogee arch in Middle Eastern and English Gothic architecture; ogee patterns may consist of mirrored arch designs or more stylized, onion-like shapes.

A curved droplet shape with origins in ancient Iran. The name paisley draws from the Scottish town of the same name that produced textiles and shawls with this pattern.

In the United States, plaid refers to patterns featuring crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.

A stylized design resembling a clover with four rounded “leaves.” The design may vary to include pointed embellishments (a “barbed quatrefoil”).

A pattern with elaborate medallions inspired by those featured on hand-embroidered textiles from central Asia.

As a pattern name, toile refers to a scenic, monochromatic print that often depicts vignettes of pastoral life. Originally known as “toile de Jouy,” meaning “cloth from Juoy,” toile was popularized by a textile factory in the French town of Jouy-en-Josas in the late 1700s.

Earth Day Is Here! Go Green with Recycled Doormats and Stair Treads

Are you looking for eco-friendly, yet stylish outdoor decor? Whether you love the look of riverbed pebbles, scrolling medallions, or cheery sunflowers, there’s an outdoor mat for you. Made from recycled rubber, these environmentally-friendly doormats will be the welcoming touch your entryway needs. Click here to view our entire selection of recycled rubber doormats and stair treads, including the items featured below.

The Patio Stone Doormat and Stair Treads pair a pebbled design with faux stone rectangles. Not only are these outdoor mats constructed of recycled rubber, but they’re also made in the USA for truly pleasing decor.

Patio Stone Stair Tread Patio Stone Doormat 111 x 211

If you want to be sure guests feel at home, spell out your welcome with one of these inviting doormats. These USA-made mats have polyester heat-transferred designs on a backing of recycled rubber. The Florals in Fall Welcome Mat draws you in with a collage of beautiful patterns, including flowers and medallions. Guests will be all abuzz over the Sunny Bees Sunflower Welcome Mat, which has a green polka-dot background.

Florals in Fall Welcome Mat Multi Earth 16 x 26 Sunny Bees Welcome Doormat Multi Earth 16 x 26

Evoke Ranch Living with Western Home Decor from the Laredo Collection

Are you feeling like a weary cowpoke after a long day’s work? Hang up your hat, prop up your boots, and settle in! Surrounded by Western home decor that evokes ranch living, you can let those cares fall off your shoulders. We used the Laredo Collection as our foundation to create Western flair, then wrangled up a few other pieces to complete the look. Click here to view the entire Laredo grouping, as well as other Western home accents.

Laredo Collection of Western Home Decor

Infused with cowboy spirit, the Laredo Collection features boot designs, ornamental spurs, buckles, and studs. Though they are decoratively embellished, most of these Western decor pieces are functional as well, providing you with storage and display space.

Laredo Collection of Western Home Decor

Showcase your favorite Western knickknacks, horse sculptures, pottery vessels, or faux succulents on the Laredo Four-Tier Etagere. Hang your faded denim jacket or trademark hat on the Laredo Wall Hook Rack, and keep clutter off floors and table tops. Your equestrian-themed magazines will be right at home in the Laredo Magazine Basket Set. Place an LED candle in the Laredo Candleholder for a little extra glow as the sleepy sun sinks beneath the horizon. Finally, display the Laredo Wall Plaque Set on your wall for the ultimate in ranch-style ornamentation.

Even a cowboy must have his comforts, so don’t forget a faux leather arm chair and an eye-catching area rug. The Woolmark® Southwest Diamond Area Rug features a large diamond in the center and smaller designs in the borders; colors of sage, russet, and tan compose the rugged color palette. A rustic accent table with Western bookends will further enhance your ranch-themed home decor.

No Joking… We Love Pineapple Home Decor

What’s not to love about pineapple decor? Thanks to its spiky surface and leafy crown, the pineapple is instantly recognizable. A symbol of hospitality, the pineapple can be used to extend a warm and inviting welcome to guests. Or, you can display it to perk up your decor with a tropical splash. With warmer temperatures on the way, now is a great time to embrace this decorating icon. Click here to view our entire collection of pineapple home decor, including the items shown below.

Cool breezes never seemed so sweet! The Mosaic Pineapple Table Fan has a cute, green glass pineapple at its heart, coupled with an included nightlight. The indoor fan oscillates and has three speeds to keep you feeling refreshed. The Pineapple Decorative Covered Bowl is another island-inspired piece that you’ll enjoy. The lid removes via the leaf finial, so you can place small articles inside.

Pineapple Table Fan Pineapple Covered Bowl Harvest Gold
Be hospitable with the charming Pineapple Welcome Sign Wall Art. This handcrafted, indoor wall plaque has a vintage appearance and natural characteristics for a touch of yesteryear. The Haina Pineapple Table Lamp fuses tropical and traditional style for a lighting accent that suits many settings. An amber-toned pineapple forms the font, topped by a champagne gold shade.

Pineapple Vintage Welcome Sign Wall Art Gold Haina Pineapple Table Lamp Amber
For more fruity fun, decorate with the Pineapple Grove Shaped Valance and Chair Cushion. These two darling pieces are dappled with pineapples and handcrafted in the USA by skilled sewers.

Pineapple Grove Shaped Valance Golden Yellow 52 x 21 Pineapple Grove Chair Cushion Golden Yellow 17 x 15