Camo Furniture Covers from Mossy Oak

Have you grown weary of telling your dog “off” each time he hops up on the furniture? Maybe those forlorn eyes and guilt-trip whimpers are weakening your resolve. Still, you’re not ready to see your furniture covered in pet hair and claw tears. Or perhaps your children or grandchildren are a little on the messy side. The Camo Furniture Protectors from Mossy Oak® are great solutions to your furniture woes.

These quilted, one-piece furniture covers rise above the norm with their camouflage patterns. Sure to delight the hunter or outdoor enthusiast in your life, these protectors have nature-inspired designs and earthy hues. These water-repellant camo furniture covers can protect a variety of furnishings; choose from a chair cover, recliner cover, loveseat cover, and sofa cover. Each protector also has stay-put elastic straps, so you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting it and moving it back into place.

The Camo Shadow Grass Furniture Protectors have blades of grass at different angles to add contrast.

Camo Shadow Grass Recliner Protector Sage Recliner/Wing Chair Camo Shadow Grass Recliner Protector Sage Recliner/Wing Chair

The Camo Break-Up Infinity Furniture Protectors have a camouflage pattern with leaves, limbs, acorns, and branches.

Camo Break Up Infinity Chair Protector Sage Chair

For more camo home decor, see our Camouflage Lodge Collection.

NaturalStone Bakeware and Microwave Bacon Cooker

Throughout the hot days of summer, you may have kept your distance from oven-dependent recipes – why heat up the house when you can stick to cold sandwiches, the stovetop, or the microwave? Now that we’re heading into fall, however, you’re probably craving the comfort of baked dishes. And as the autumn chill sets in, you won’t mind warming up the kitchen. Before long, you’ll be opening the oven door to bubbling, cheesy dishes, golden, flaky crusts, or the heady scents of pumpkin and spice.

Whether you’re a beginning baker or an accomplished chef, you’ll want to start with quality bakeware for the best results. NaturalStone™ bakeware is the answer! These premium baking dishes provide even heat distribution for exceptional baking and crisper crusts. Made in the USA, NaturalStone™ clay accents are durable and long-lasting. Handmade, hand-finished stoneware is oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. If you need a pie pan, loaf pan, casserole dish, or rectangular baker, NaturalStone(TM) bakeware is up to the task. These baking dishes also make wonderful, useful gifts for all the bakers on your Christmas list. They’ll be grateful for your thoughtful gift each time they feel like baking! Choose from four colors to find the perfect fit.

NaturalStone Deep Dish Pie Pan

Even if you’re all thumbs when it comes to baking, you can still enjoy the fine qualities of NaturalStone™ with the Microwave Bacon Cooker. Whether you’re looking to step up your breakfast or you have a hankering for a classic BLT, this cute cooker makes it easy. With this durable accent, you can forgo the skillet and use your trusty microwave instead! Shaped like a pig, this bacon cooker promotes even heating for a better, crisper bacon. Raised edges collect the grease, so you can enjoy bacon that is a little healthier and hassle-free.

Bacon Cooker Natural


The NaturalStone™ story starts with David H. Haegar, a young immigrant who founded the Dundee Brickyard in 1871. As the decades passed, this small-town brickyard grew to become America’s oldest and one of the largest production potteries in the world. Haegar® NaturalStone™ items are made from clays mined in Kentucky and Tennessee. Each piece is hand-finished before being fired, and only those pieces that pass a rigorous inspection are sold.

Fall Entertaining with the Autumnal Leaf Collection

Summer has glided into fall, and this graceful seasonal change has brought with it milder temperatures, walking weather, and the occasional cool breeze. You can even spy a sprinkling of warm colors in the midst of all those green leaves. You might not be ready for cozy autumn sweaters yet, but you can always look ahead to how you’ll be entertaining this fall. The beautiful Autumnal Leaf Collection features functional, coordinating pieces that reflect autumn’s changing hues.


If you’re having friends over to watch a football game, make sure to fill up the Autumnal Leaf Snack Bowl Set and the Three-Leaf Bowl with plenty of goodies. These charming ceramic snack bowls resemble fall leaves and can be used all autumn long.

Autumnal Leaf Bowls Multi Earth Set of Three Autumnal Leaf Snack Bowl Multi Cool


The Autumnal Leaf Appetizer Tray is made for fall entertaining. This accent looks great beside the snack bowls – plus it includes a leaf-shaped bowl for your dip, nuts, or candy. Whether you’re entertaining this fall or you just need a gift for the host, the Autumnal Leaf Stemless Wine Glass Set is ideal. These four colorful glasses have leaf designs and come in a gift box.

U834 U835

As it gets closer to Thanksgiving, you can display the Autumnal Leaf Platter in your stand, or put it to use as a serving piece. This oval serving platter features a gentle reminder to share your blessings. The coordinating Autumnal Leaf Plate Set includes two different plates with phrases. One reads “Give Thanks”; the other, “Cherish Family.” These seasonal plates, 8.5″ dia., can be used for fall snacks or desserts. After the Turkey Day feast is over, just place the serving platter and the plates in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

Autumnal Leaf Give Thanks Plates Beige Set of Two U843


How to Decorate with Fall Wreaths

With its harvest colors and inviting appearance, the fall wreath is surely a staple of autumn decorating. The door is most often its place of honor, but, good as it looks there, you might want to spice things up this season. That faithful fall wreath is surprisingly versatile and can look just as stunning in another area of the home. Let these ideas inspire you to decorate with fall wreaths in unexpected ways.

An adjustable Wreath Holder Stand allows you to display your favorite fall wreath on the floor or table top. Simply adjust this indoor accent to the desired height, and add your wreath to the hook at the top. Use this wreath stand all year long to create a wonderful seasonal display. The Pomegranate Fall Wreath is a marvelous choice for display on the stand. This harvest wreath features pine cones, fabric leaves, and pomegranates on a twig base.


Another wreath display option is as a decorative centerpiece on your fall table. Let its autumnal beauty shine alone, or create a more extravagant display by adding a candleholder and LED candles. The Oak Leaf Fall Wreath is shown here encircling the Maurelle Candleholder and the Color-Changing LED Flameless Candle Set.


If your fall wreath is embellished with pumpkins and features bright colors, you might consider making it part of your Halloween display. Simply hang it on the wall, place a couple pedestal tables beneath, and add your favorite Halloween decorations nearby. Here, the beautiful Pumpkin Grove Fall Wreath is shown near one of the Spooky Greetings Tabletop Accents and the LED Glass Pumpkin Accent.


Frightful Yet Fun Halloween Decor

Your doorbell rings on the spookiest of all nights. Its chime is a mini mystery. Will it be a cute little goblin with a sweet tooth? A group of holiday revelers ready for some merriment? Before these candy lovers and partygoers show up at your door in October, make sure your home is Halloween-ready.

Those drawn to the dark side of Fright Night will shroud their homes in eerie darkness. And those of a playful mindset will highlight the silliness of the occasion with their Halloween decor. But the creative decorator in you? Well, you might feel like combining the two Halloween decorating styles to stir up something frightful and fun. Those skeletons can rattle their bones about – but only if they’re festively attired, of course. And those jack-o’-lanterns can make all the spooky faces they desire – as long as they agree to twinkle and glow. These unique Halloween decorations have just enough whimsy and wit to take the edge off their scary side.


The skeletons on the Day of the Dead Table Runner and Pillows are all ready for your Halloween bash. They’re dressed in studded, orange party clothes and glittery hats. Mr. Bones’ girlfriend even has sparkly purple and green pompoms on her hat. Step a little closer for some Halloween chitchat, and you’ll notice that gems ring their eyes and arch across their eyebrows. Ruffled trim and orange pompoms also adorn each end of the table runner.

Day of the Dead Pillows Black Set of Two Day of the Dead Long Table Runner Black 13 x 72

The LED Lighted Haunted House Table Accent will look fabulous on the table runner. A skeleton, bat, and spiders have dropped by to add a creepy touch, but glitter keeps this Halloween decoration sparkly and fun. LED lights shine from the windows, so you don’t have anything to fear. Not too much, anyway.

LED Haunted House Black

Give your Halloween decor an unexpected twist with the LED Lighted Jack-o’-Lantern Wall Art Set. These are no ordinary artworks, for they have flashing accents and lit sections. Some of these pumpkin fellows are in a better mood than others; you’ll catch some of them grinning and others glowering.

Jack o Lantern LED Lighted Canvas Art Black Set of Two

Create a Unique Display with Photo Frame Puzzle Piece Wall Art

All you puzzle enthusiasts out there: Do you start with the corners and outside edges first? Or do you choose your favorite part of the image and work from there? Do you find something gratifying about having the pieces fit so nicely together? Channel that puzzle passion into your home decor with the Puzzle Piece Wall Art.

These painted wooden plaques are shaped like puzzle pieces and are meant to be displayed on your wall. You can fit the pieces together, just like a puzzle, to display your favorite photos along with solid colors and inspirational quotes. These USA-made wall accents also make fun and unique gifts. Each photo frame puzzle piece has a plastic insert to protect your photograph.

The Love and Marriage Puzzle Piece Wall Art allows you to create a collage of treasured photos from your wedding and marriage. Sentimental quotes about love and marriage make this display especially memorable. Choose as many or as few of the pieces as you like, and arrange them to your heart’s content. Three of the puzzle pieces will hold a 6″x4″ photo; another will hold a 4″x6″ photo; the solid black piece will hold a 5.5″ sq. photo.

Mr and Mrs Quote Photo Frame Black

The Family Puzzle Piece Wall Art turns your cherished photos into an even more meaningful display. Your favorite pictures will be surrounded by quotes about family, love, home, and memories. The Our Family Two-Photo Puzzle Piece will hold a 4.5″x3.5″ photo and a 4″x6″ photo. The Love Photo Frame Puzzle Piece will hold a 6″x4″ photo.

Our Family Photo Frame Cream

How to Decorate with Fall Table Linens

You deserve a pat on the back if you’ve successfully decluttered the table tops in your home. Unfortunately, without any sort of decoration, those bare surfaces might be giving your home a cold “winter effect” when what you want is to mimic fall’s beauty. Use fall table linens to bring warmth and color back to your room while still maintaining a clean, neat aesthetic. Tackle almost any type of table with these fall decorating ideas.

The dining table is a natural place to start decorating since you’ll be spending so much time there during the autumn season. A fall table runner and placemats with a similar design will give your dining table a cohesive look. The Harvest Pumpkin Fall Table Linens feature soft brown pumpkins on a rustic background. The table runner also has ruffled plaid trim, the word “Thanksgiving,” and an orange gourd at each end.

Harvest Pumpkin Table Runner Brown

Cover a small accent table with a fall table topper and adorn it with a cute autumn decoration for a no-fuss display. The Falling Leaves Autumn Table Topper has a rich brown ground, embroidered leaves, and cutwork trim for an overall warm effect.

Falling Leaves Table Topper Brown 36 Square

For a rectangular console table, select either a short or long fall table runner, depending upon the desired look. A shorter table runner (around 36”L) will probably fit within the edges of your table top, while a longer table runner (60”-75”L) will cascade down the sides for a dramatic display.

The Harvest Vines Table Runner features embroidered autumnal designs on a cream background.

Harvest Vines Table Runner Cream 16 x 36


The Autumn Leaves Long Table Runner has hand-cut openwork accents and embroidered leaf designs. The Horn of Plenty Long Table Runner is Thanksgiving-ready with its embroidered cornucopia designs and openwork accents.

Autumn Leaves Long Table Runner Chocolate 8 x 60 Horn of Plenty Table Runner Ivory