The Blooming Beauty of Magnolia Home Decor

A symbol of Southern pride, nobility, and the serendipitous moments of beauty the natural world presents daily to humankind, the magnolia has its roots anchored in several plots of symbolism. The magnolia tree is also an ancient plant, having come into existence even before bees, and it smacks of old world tradition and a fierce sturdiness. Take a cue from nature and incorporate these gorgeous blooms in your interior decorating.

You can slumber away in the fragrant embrace of a field of magnolia trees with the Garden Images III Magnolia Bedding. White tepals—not petals, due to their interconnected nature—spread against an entourage of wild bouquets and flittering butterflies on this comforter. The parchment background is tinged with the soft yellow of daybreak, as though throwing one’s window open upon some sunny, Mississippi morning. Coordinating pillows and striped European shams add to the eclectic composition that so often typifies a wild garden.

A single magnolia flower, on the other hand, is the focal point of the Melanie Magnolia Rug, which unfurls with quiet charisma on the floor. The three-dimensional nature of the magnolia is expressed through the rug’s handcarved texture and the subtle, elongated shadows creeping up from the overlapping tepals.

While the Melanie Rug blooms up, the Calista Magnolia Table Lamp blooms down, its frosted, white glass shade depicting magnolias in varying stages of development. The antique bronze finish that coats the fluted base and font even invokes the woody branches the magnolias burst from every spring.

The magnolia represents so many good things, it would be impossible to not include at least one of them in your home decor. Blossoming in unforeseen places about the home, this flower will delight and surprise onlookers like it has already been doing for centuries.

Refresh Your Bedroom with Quilt Bedding

If quilt bedding seems like an antiquated choice for your bedroom, think again! Bed quilts provide you with an array of options, both in design and styling.

For those who cherish family heirlooms and are drawn to the vintage aesthetic, a patchwork quilt or patterned quilt is essential. These traditional designs capture the spirit of days gone by. The Blooming Prairie Patchwork Quilt Set blossoms to life with a melange of pretty flowers and hues. The patchwork design provides you with a time-honored appearance, while the fresh, pleasing palette keeps your decor from looking staid.

Bed quilts can also punch up a decorating theme with fun motifs and patterns. The crisp look of the Nautical Stripe Quilt Set will delight coastal dwellers and landlubbers alike. This cotton quilt sails right along with an assortment of solid, pinstripe, and plaid bands. Colors of indigo, crimson, and white give the bedding an unmistakable nautical vibe.

Embellished quilts prove that the difference is in the details. Appliqued, patterned fabric pieces meander across the face of the cotton Wisteria Garden Quilt, as well as the coordinating shams in the set. The fabric petals and leaves create an overall wisteria blossom design that will charm the nature lover within.

Though important, design is not the only consideration. Keep the fill type in mind as you make your selection. A polyester-filled quilt is typically lighter and more affordable than its cotton-filled counterpart. Polyester fibers trap air to keep you warm without the weight; however, polyester fibers do not breathe as well as natural ones, and may cause you to overheat. A cotton-filled quilt is more expensive, but provides you with breathability and can be used comfortably throughout the year.

Customize your bed quilt with accessories, from bedskirts to shams and pillows, to create a layered look. You can also play around with matelasse accents – the solid color provides the perfect backdrop, allowing your quilt bedding to shine!

Finally, quilts can also be showcased on a blanket rack, adding to their versatility. A handsome blanket rack will keep your quilt easily accessible and neatly displayed.

French Country Bedding – Perfectly Pastoral!

Écoute! It’s time for a lesson in French—French country decor, that is! A pastoral yet elegant decorating style, French country decor is characterized by its vintage accents and emblematic color schemes. You can preen a bedroom to Parisian perfection with French country bedding. Floral patterns and primary colors offset by timeworn neutrals make for a beautiful, rustic bedspread.

Named for a French country manor, the Chateau bedspread is a rubicund palette of red, blue, green, and off-white. Its sister, the Chalet, receives its moniker from the Alpine cottage with a wide, sloping roof built to divert heavy snows. Appropriately, an arctic assortment of blue, cream, tan, indigo, and off-white tinges this bedding. Both are dappled with an allover vertical diamond pattern, and the vermicelli quilting provides a distinctly provincial look. Spanning the off-white bands at the top and along the bottom edges, a parade of flowers ties in the flourishing fields of the French countryside.

Chateau Rouge and Chalet Bleu are cultured without being too frou-frou or fussy. Gusseted, split corners keep them compact and low-key, but the Old World patterns and pleasing colors are what lend these bedspreads their quaint appeal.

Whether it is charmingly pastoral or luxuriously opulent, French bedding will awaken your bedroom and give it a fresh new look.


Embark on a Tropical Decorating Adventure

The tropical decor theme bursts with all the vivacious mystique of the rain forest—and you won’t even have to break out the machete! With a few choice accents, you can replicate the lush embrace of the forest canopy right under your own roof:

1. Color: To the surprise of no one, the dominant theme pigment here is green. Get creative and invoke cool, jungly shadows with muted greens like olive or sage. More saturated greens are reminiscent of sunbeams trickling through vivid leaves. Neutrals like ivory, beige, khaki, mocha, and brown can temper brighter, “floral” pops of color; think corals, reds, russets, oranges, and yellows.

The Bali Palm Tropical Bedding, with its succinct color scheme of green, copper, and beige, introduces a streak of balmy elegance into the bedroom. Binding the edges of the comforter and shams, the twist cording resembles forest vines.

Bali Palm Comforter Set

2. Balance: Like an ecosystem, your decor should maintain some semblance of balance and order. You can mitigate the often vibrant prints of the tropical theme with casual, island-inspired furniture. The Leikela Dining Set is leather-wrapped rattan, a texture that exudes easygoing appeal. The warm pecan stain is coated in a glossy finish, and the Wailea Coast print features green fronds feathering a black background. Touches of red provide interest.

Leikela Round Table with Caster Chairs  Set of Five

3. Your Tropical Vision: A careful arrangement of home accents will refine your tropical vision. Fewer colors and simpler designs make for a neat, minimalist look. Tropical candleholders and wall mirrors can be combined to fashion an inviting foyer. But if you really want a bold and refreshing look, go for a colorful wall sculpture, like Caribbean Sunset. Molten orange is offset by placid blue in this sultry sculpture, its silhouette free-form and loose, its palm trees languid and curvaceous.

Caribbean Sunset Wall Sculpture

Laid-back though it is, tropical decor seizes attention in a way more conventional decorating styles cannot. The tropical theme arms the bold decorator with lively patterns and bright colors and sends him or her marching into the undergrowth. To what end? No one is quite sure. But the reward for those with an adventurous heart has always been great.

Create Your Own Coastal Retreat

Coastal decor invokes that mystic murmur of a shell pressed against your ear or the brackish sting of salt on your tongue. Whether your home is firmly landlocked or neighbor to the sea, the coastal theme fits swimmingly into any room—bedroom, kitchen, or bath. Keep your indoor slice of paradise simplistic and light with some basic coastal decorating tips.

1. Color: A coastal color palette includes mostly cool tones, like soft blues, light aquas, and greens, mitigated by sandy neutrals. Peach or coral can bring unexpected pops of color, like an ocean sunset, but deep colors should be used sparingly. The Tides Bedspread makes impeccable use of the coastal palette, featuring a wavy blend of light blue, cerulean, celadon, light steel blue, and aqua. Its rounded corners swell like waves, and the cotton fabric is fresh and breathable.

Tides Grande Bedspread

2. Patterns & Textures: Like those on a piece of saltwater taffy or a beach parasol, stripes are a staple pattern of the coastal theme. Scalloped borders and lines call to mind the ebb and flow of waves and (of course) the scallop shell. Most of the Natural Shells Table Linens utilize both stripes and scalloped edges, as well as a machine-quilted surface reminiscent of rippling water. With a napkin set, table runner and topper, placemat sets, and a quilted apron available, Natural Shells will give your kitchen the quaint appeal of a seaside cottage.

3. Moods & Motifs: The coastal theme is remarkably versatile; you can put your own unique spin on coastal decor by invoking certain moods. With shell motifs, you can conjure a vivacious atmosphere as well as nature’s beauty. The Spa Shells Shower Curtain and coordinating Bath Collection utilize shell designs and simple lines and shapes to make entering your bathroom like stumbling upon a hidden cove.

The sticking point of the coastal theme is to keep decor as uncomplicated as possible. By avoiding overly-elaborate decorations and eliminating clutter, your new coastal room will emit a sense of floating along, rather than battling the current.

Unique Daybed Bedding

As far as daybeds go, less surface area doesn’t always mean less impact. A well-decorated King bedspread is certainly lavish but risks overwhelming a small room. Those with dorm rooms or studio apartments, fear not! With the proper daybed bedding and a decorator’s eye, you can concentrate the sheer gravity of a decked-out King into a bed only half its size.

The romantic Springfield Floral Daybed Bedding Set, with daybed cover and three shams, is a little island of pastel flowers quavering on a light cream ground. Reminiscent of plump petals, a rippling flounce kisses the floor below. The daybed cover and shams are accented with twist cording that traces their edges like vines.

Springfield Daybed Set

The Chateau Rouge Daybed Bedding Set includes two shams and a crisp yet cheery spread. The daybed cover is “no-nonsense” with its tailored fit, yet boldly proclaims its ripe-red color scheme. The diamond motif swirling throughout its vermicelli quilt pattern is recollective of a wild, cottage-side strawberry. Off-white borders, top and bottom, exhibit floral patterns. Tidy and compact with its split, gusseted corners, this fitted daybed cover is pleasing to the eye as well as to wayward feet.

Chateau Rouge Daybed Set

Finally, the quintessential Color Classics Hollywood Daybed Cover is truly a spread you can make your own. The lustrous polyester provides striking contrast when coupled with your matte decor. Its solid coloration boosts creative potential, allowing you to effortlessly mix and match pillows. Diamond loop quilting provides interest, making for an elegant bedding—or seating!—arrangement. A cap on the back edge helps to hold the Hollywood cover on the mattress.

Color Classics Hollywood

Back cap of Hollywood Daybed Cover (Camden shown)

View this video to learn more about Hollywood covers (Camden featured).

A regular twin bed frame, with its head and footboard, is not always ideal for a daybed cover. Invest in a daybed frame that accentuates your chosen spread and surrounding decor, and you’re well on your way to a beautiful room, no matter how big or small.

Romantic Ruffled Home Accents

These aren’t your garden-variety home accents! Ruffled embellishments are remindful of flower petals in spring bloom. Curb your winter blues and rejoice in the beauty of spring by introducing a bit of this flouncing flair into your home.

Ruffled bedding turns even the most tired mattress into an unfurling blossom. Pastel hues of coral and light cream rollick in alternating bands along the Melody Ruffled Bedspread; floral and polka dots are cheerful prints recurring throughout. Peppered with flowers, a vining motif traces an intricate circle on the light cream face. Even the round pillow resembles a wildflower taking root among your other pillows and shams.

Melody Ruffled Grande Bedspread

For more blossoming beauties to add to your ruffled bedding, the Sophia Rose Pillows are a chiffon spray of rich, colorful swirls.

Sophia Rose Square Pillow

Windows beautified with ruffles are eye-catching in the spring. Light and crystalline, the Jessica Ninon Priscilla Curtains will easily admit the warmth of the sun and the chirrups of birds. The ruffled edges lend this ensemble a frothy airiness, almost like a cloud. Included tiebacks neatly bind these ruffled curtains and create a lovely, hourglass shape in each panel.

Jessica Ninon Wide Priscilla Curtain Pair

April showers bring May flowers—or a more attractive shower curtain, at any rate. The Flamenco Shower Curtain in Charcoal Ombre is ten ruffles of a lovely white-to-black gradient, like spring rain cascading from plump thunderheads. Recreate that natural drizzly atmosphere with these tumbling, ruffled shower curtains. Springtime, after all, is not a season to be enjoyed outdoors only.

Flamenco Ruffled Shower Curtain

With ruffles, you can imply the soft edge of a petal or the contours of a cloud anywhere in your home.