Frightful and Delightful: Unique Halloween Decor

How will you spend All Hallows’ Eve this year? Perhaps you’re overseeing the candy station (and acting as unofficial candy tester), throwing a fabulous Fright Night bash, or simply patiently waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Whatever you’re up to, you’ll need some unique Halloween decor to celebrate!

Lend high drama or colorful cheer to an accent table with a Halloween table runner, then place your favorite accessories on top: a candy dish, wine bottle holder, festive candleholders, tiny pumpkins, or a lighted decoration. The Spider’s Rainbow Table Runner has multicolored spider-and-web designs on a black background, while the Happy Halloween Table Runner features spooky designs on orange. Each table runner has embroidery and cutwork detailing.

Black Halloween Table Runner Orange Halloween Table Runner

If shrouding your home in spiderwebs and dark decorations isn’t your thing, then brighten up your haunted abode with glowing Halloween decor. The Pumpkin Nightlight has an almost otherworldly quality, with a gleaming orange body and sparkling stem. Or let your wall glimmer with the Halloween Night LED Lighted Canvas Set. Each canvas features an eerie scene with flickering LEDs.

Pumpkin Nightlight Orange Halloween LED Canvas Wall Art Multi Warm Set of Two

Does your decorating potion need a few other ingredients? The Headless Halloween Standing Figure Set is goofy and ghoulish enough to be the talk of all your guests. Adorn your interior entryway with the Welcome Jack-o’-Lantern Wall Hanging, which has a rustic appeal and a brown fabric pumpkin ready to greet your visitors.

Headless Halloween Standing Figures Multi Cool Set of Three Welcome Jack o Lantern Wall Hanging Orange

Frightful Yet Fun Halloween Decor

Your doorbell rings on the spookiest of all nights. Its chime is a mini mystery. Will it be a cute little goblin with a sweet tooth? A group of holiday revelers ready for some merriment? Before these candy lovers and partygoers show up at your door in October, make sure your home is Halloween-ready.

Those drawn to the dark side of Fright Night will shroud their homes in eerie darkness. And those of a playful mindset will highlight the silliness of the occasion with their Halloween decor. But the creative decorator in you? Well, you might feel like combining the two Halloween decorating styles to stir up something frightful and fun. Those skeletons can rattle their bones about – but only if they’re festively attired, of course. And those jack-o’-lanterns can make all the spooky faces they desire – as long as they agree to twinkle and glow. These unique Halloween decorations have just enough whimsy and wit to take the edge off their scary side.


The skeletons on the Day of the Dead Table Runner and Pillows are all ready for your Halloween bash. They’re dressed in studded, orange party clothes and glittery hats. Mr. Bones’ girlfriend even has sparkly purple and green pompoms on her hat. Step a little closer for some Halloween chitchat, and you’ll notice that gems ring their eyes and arch across their eyebrows. Ruffled trim and orange pompoms also adorn each end of the table runner.

Day of the Dead Pillows Black Set of Two Day of the Dead Long Table Runner Black 13 x 72

The LED Lighted Haunted House Table Accent will look fabulous on the table runner. A skeleton, bat, and spiders have dropped by to add a creepy touch, but glitter keeps this Halloween decoration sparkly and fun. LED lights shine from the windows, so you don’t have anything to fear. Not too much, anyway.

LED Haunted House Black

Give your Halloween decor an unexpected twist with the LED Lighted Jack-o’-Lantern Wall Art Set. These are no ordinary artworks, for they have flashing accents and lit sections. Some of these pumpkin fellows are in a better mood than others; you’ll catch some of them grinning and others glowering.

Jack o Lantern LED Lighted Canvas Art Black Set of Two