Autumn Is on the Way! Get Ready with Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Summer still lingers in the air, but hints of autumn emerge with each passing day. Sweltering nights shed their humidity for crisp, autumn air. Leaves drift down without a sound, relieving trees of their summertime burden. Renewal is the mantra of fall, so why not embark on a seasonal transition indoors as well as out? As you search for fall decorating ideas, let nature’s transformation serve as your guide.

Autumn decor merges natural elements and a warm color palette to create eye-catching displays. As the focal point in the coming holiday season, the table is an ideal starting point. First, drape the surface with an earth-toned table runner. On top of this, arrange decorative garlands and miniature faux gourds. An asymmetrical—but balanced—assortment will look natural. Finally, fill small glass vases with twinkling filler; situate these in the center. Here, the Adelasia Glass Candleholder Vases parade coral candles. For the finishing touch, scatter jewel acorns and rounded gems from the Fall Gems and Acorns Vase Filler Mix.

Of course, no amount of baubles will camouflage a drab dinner table. The West Albany Dining Table Set is soaked with autumnal tones and is tiled with Milano inserts. Garnish the table top with fall-themed accents, like the whimsical Fruit Shaped Owls. Here, the Owl Chip and Dip Platter and Plate Sets create a folksy atmosphere, perfect for quaint parties. With its bronze tendrils, the Tosca Flora Wall Sculpture is quietly enchanting behind the whole ensemble.

Finally, a decorative wall display above a console table assures the fall theme does not stop at the table. The Birds Inspirational Canvas Set provides pops of orange, red, brown, and teal. Positioned just below, the Argelia Vase Set will pick up the vivid colors of the canvases. Top it all off with the mocha scrolls of the Bardolino Wall Shelf Set, which will display your accents and faux greenery. For an added touch, add the rustic Lighted Willow Branches.


Nature is gradually shifting to a new season, providing the perfect cue for a change in decor. Take this opportunity to revive your home with the spicy tones and inviting motifs of autumn.

Decorating Your Home with Console Tables

At first blush, the term “console table” might seem misleading. Dust bunny breeding ground? Certainly. Bricolage of junk mail and candle stubs? Sounds familiar. But the truly consoling thing about the console table is its sheer versatility. Treated like a decoration instead of a clutter magnet, the console table melds effortlessly with surrounding decor and can be whatever you need it to be.

1. Next to a Wall: Console tables provide the additional height needed to obscure an empty wall with eye-catching embellishments, and what could be more eye-catching than a dazzling array of mirrors? The mirror grouping, interspersed tactfully with wall shelves, candleholders, and photo frames, fashions an eclectic collage spanning the length of the console table below. To avoid overwhelming this space, balance is key.

Below, a covered urn is elevated by a stack of archaic-looking tomes, assuring the candleholder does not dominate the table’s left side. Rectangular and circular frames create a curious juxtaposition, while an overall golden color scheme provides a murmur of unity.

A single mirror can be just as compelling as a montage of smaller ones. Mounted overhead, one voluminous mirror can transform a console table into a vanity. Embellish the surface with vintage perfume bottles or heirloom jewelry. The Maquinna Console Table, buoyed by three curvaceous legs, is a sleek, platinum-finished furnishing encrusted with faux pearls and translucent gold gems.

2. In the Hallway: Another welcome location for console tables is the foyer. The often small space that comprises an entryway is no issue for the compact console table, which also provides a convenient surface to deposit car keys or mail.

Below, a petite table lamp emerges from a deluge of greenery atop the Florio Console Table. The ivory finish ensures perfect coordination with any color scheme, and the resin leaf carvings make for an antiquated sensibility.

3. Beside a Picture Window: Placed beside a lavish window treatment, a console table provides subtle contrast without stealing the spotlight. A carefully chosen flower arrangement placed on its surface will nicely complement the blossoms in floral curtains.

The natural cherry finish of the Sarantino Console Table will offset the decorative accents you choose to display on its top or bottom shelf.

4. In the Bedroom: Arranged beside the bed, a console table becomes a wonderfully unexpected nightstand. Reading glasses, picture frames, jewelry boxes—all items in equal parts functional and beautiful can seek refuge on top. Drawers and bottom shelves, meanwhile, will harbor mementos or even a favorite art piece.

Below, the Elliott Console Table is adorned with a carefully-balanced composition of photos, faux greenery, and books that draws the eye gently from tier to tier.

The bedroom console table also performs well as a simplistic entertainment center. Equipped with a TV, a console table consumes little floor space and is easily maneuvered around. The storage drawers of the Hartwick Console Table will harbor the elusive remote control, while the bottom shelf is ideal for a gaming system or a DVD player.

Initially, a console table might not seem all that promising, given its propensity to clutter quickly. But it’s time to dust off that inspiration and start visualizing these magnificent pieces in new places, with new purposes. A console table just might be the missing piece in your home decor.



Evoke Another Time with Vintage Style Home Decor

The vintage style is a difficult home decor theme to define. On the one hand, the word “vintage” can be a disparaging remark, as in outdated. True vintage decor style, in all actuality, is the polar opposite. With just a glance, vintage pieces should electrify the viewer with a nostalgic montage of crackling phonographs and twirling rotary dials, trilling trumpets of Jazz Age bands, and the slow doo-wop of the ’50s. The vintage style, for all its elaborate beauty, is also surprisingly thrifty, allowing you to make use of forgotten family heirlooms or scour flea markets for that perfect bargain. Above all, the vintage style is very hands-on, an adventurous undertaking in interior design. You can even mix and match pieces from different time periods to present an eclectic mosaic of human history.

How do you know when you’ve happened upon the perfect item for your vintage decor? The piece should be exemplary of the time period it emerged from. The Fashionable Repose Figurine, for example, embodies the decadence of the Roaring Twenties. The archetypal flapper girl lolls in an antique chair with studded upholstery, her elegant, floral gown kissing the floor below. Contemplating a string of pearls with an indulgent smirk, she lifts her chin loftily, secure in her eternal beauty and infinite riches.

The Paige Hobnail Table Lamp might be found on the bureau of a 1920s Hollywood starlet, but it’s by no means black-and-white. Jeweled hues like amber, cranberry, or pink imbue this dainty glass lamp. Standing on antique brass acanthus leaves, this lamp exhibits globular studs that will catch the light and dazzle onlookers.

Baubles and trinkets arranged just so on table tops and other surfaces connote an antiquated collection, as though the items were gradually collected over a great passage of time. But you’ll still want to pay attention to other areas, like windows. The Jessica Ninon Ruffled Priscilla Curtains are versatile, complementing anything from a stately ballroom setting to an old farmhouse. The sheer fabric channels ample sunlight through ivory or white fabric, spotlighting your various heirlooms and finds. Ruffled edges bring a feminine touch to your timeworn living space.

Finally, you can sprinkle your old bedspread with the West Palm Crochet Decorative Pillows if you really want to up the ante on the old-fashioned atmosphere. The crochet texture is antiquated and homey, and the myriad of pigments will coordinate seamlessly with the color scheme of any room. Items such as these will transport guests and family alike to a different period, even if they were not present for it. That’s the beauty of the vintage decorating style.

Create Your Own Coastal Retreat

Coastal decor invokes that mystic murmur of a shell pressed against your ear or the brackish sting of salt on your tongue. Whether your home is firmly landlocked or neighbor to the sea, the coastal theme fits swimmingly into any room—bedroom, kitchen, or bath. Keep your indoor slice of paradise simplistic and light with some basic coastal decorating tips.

1. Color: A coastal color palette includes mostly cool tones, like soft blues, light aquas, and greens, mitigated by sandy neutrals. Peach or coral can bring unexpected pops of color, like an ocean sunset, but deep colors should be used sparingly. The Tides Bedspread makes impeccable use of the coastal palette, featuring a wavy blend of light blue, cerulean, celadon, light steel blue, and aqua. Its rounded corners swell like waves, and the cotton fabric is fresh and breathable.

Tides Grande Bedspread

2. Patterns & Textures: Like those on a piece of saltwater taffy or a beach parasol, stripes are a staple pattern of the coastal theme. Scalloped borders and lines call to mind the ebb and flow of waves and (of course) the scallop shell. Most of the Natural Shells Table Linens utilize both stripes and scalloped edges, as well as a machine-quilted surface reminiscent of rippling water. With a napkin set, table runner and topper, placemat sets, and a quilted apron available, Natural Shells will give your kitchen the quaint appeal of a seaside cottage.

3. Moods & Motifs: The coastal theme is remarkably versatile; you can put your own unique spin on coastal decor by invoking certain moods. With shell motifs, you can conjure a vivacious atmosphere as well as nature’s beauty. The Spa Shells Shower Curtain and coordinating Bath Collection utilize shell designs and simple lines and shapes to make entering your bathroom like stumbling upon a hidden cove.

The sticking point of the coastal theme is to keep decor as uncomplicated as possible. By avoiding overly-elaborate decorations and eliminating clutter, your new coastal room will emit a sense of floating along, rather than battling the current.

Time to Update Your Wall Decor

These days, our fierce preoccupation with time, our unyielding devotion to the clock, is simply a part of life. Factor in the recent time change, and we have time on the brain now more than ever. While time can certainly be a source of anxiety, it can also be a source of beauty and inspiration. A one-of-a-kind wall clock will capture all the nervous, darting glances directed its way and transform them into spellbound stares.

Decorating with large wall clocks is a growing trend in the decor world, perhaps because these magnificent time pieces double as works of art. With their sheer size and meticulous detailing, wall clocks fill empty spaces meaningfully and are excellent focal points with which to anchor a room or hallway.

The Blaine Blocks Wall Clock is ideal for the modern decorator who prefers to step outside convention. No frame binds this timepiece; Blaine is a cosmic arrangement of free-flying black blocks, each ensconced in faux animal print. These twelve pieces can be positioned as close—or as far—from the main block as desired. No matter the distance, the black hour and minute hands will keep perfect time.

Blaine Blocks Wall Clock Set

For a sentimental glimpse into the past as well as the present, the Visions of Memories Photo Wall Clock features twelve interconnected frames for your photos. Textured, pressed metal designs lend this 29”x29” clock a unique appearance. With every glance it receives, this vivid wheel of memories will invoke thoughts of loved ones.

Visions of Memories Wall Clock

Mother Nature and Father Time convene in the Scrolling Vines Metal Wall Clock. The clock face is surrounded by a thicket of flourishing vines, some winding through openwork and others through pressed metal designs of green, aubergine, golden yellow, and rosewood. Moving in a circular and perpetual motion about this 32” diameter clock, the scrolling vines invoke the infinity of nature.

Scrolling Vines Wall Clock

Last is the Treviso Wall Topper Clock, with its stately, dark bronze scrolls and antique copper fleurs. Although traditional, this wall clock is anything but ordinary. This 44”x19” piece can be mounted above a door to fill vacant space or to dramatize an entryway.

Whichever you choose, a decorative wall clock will not penetrate your head with intrusive ticking but grace your eyes with a quiet presence and beauty.

Treviso Wall Topper with Clock

Decorative Nightlights

Decorative nightlights are beautiful beacons to guide you safely through pitch-dark halls or lightless bedrooms. Although practical, nightlights serve an aesthetic purpose as well, acting as finishing touches to accentuate your decorating theme.

As though blooming straight from the outlet, the Amethyst Rose Nightlight and Dogwood Nightlight will turn a gloomy hallway into an enchanted forest path. A porcelain nightlight and a handpainted nightlight respectively, these floral accents are highly-detailed, right down to the veins winding through their leaves.

Amethyst Rose Nightlight Dogwood Nightlight

The Mighty Elephant Nightlight, meanwhile, will complement a safari theme; this gentle giant will guide you through your nighttime expeditions with kind eyes and a poised trunk. A resin nightlight, this accent has creases in the trunk and a subtle gradient in the tusks for a realistic appearance.

Mighty Elephant Nightlight

Wine and grape decor will coordinate smoothly with the Wine Bottle Stained Glass Nightlight. A pair of stained glass wine bottles and one wine glass attach to a nightlight plug, allowing for endless customization with Switchable nightlights.

Whether your theme is Southwestern or vintage, coastal or contemporary, nightlights are the perfect final touches for any room.

Wine Bottle Glass Switchable

Decorating a Wall with Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors should do just what their name suggests: that is, accentuate your most cherished decor. Besides providing additional light and depth, accent mirrors can coordinate with a room’s “main attraction,” lending it an emphasis it otherwise lacked on its own. The possibilities are limitless, but here are a few decorating ideas to get you started:

  1. Piece It Together: Create a multidimensional mosaic by combining accent mirrors of varying sizes and shapes—or mix in family photos with varying frames. For striking contrast, pair rectangular or square mirrors with round wall art. You can provide unity by selecting mirror and picture frames with similar finishes or embellishments.
  2. Find Your Center: This arrangement is ideal for highlighting an exceptional piece of decor. Whether that is a stunning canvas, an elegant lamp, or a whimsical clock, accent mirrors can be positioned all around to extend its influence and project its importance into the room.
  3. Play Up Some Drama: Sconces, when mounted between bands of accent mirrors, create a particularly stately atmosphere. Place a sculpture upon a wall shelf and have it preside over a kingdom of mirrors, or capture segments of its reflection for a mysterious look.
  4. Add a Console Table: Adorned with potted plants, candleholders, and other tabletop accents, a console table can add dimension and height to an already superb arrangement.

Accent mirrors are attention-grabbers and creative outlets all in one. View this video for more decorating ideas!