Everywear Indoor/Outdoor Rugs: Versatile Decorating Solutions

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, what is late spring like where you live? If May seems to skip by, joyously trailing a kite of warm weather behind her, consider yourself lucky! You’re likely darting in and out of the house, craving both the sweet comforts of home and the fresh paradise outside. With all that back and forth, you need area rugs that are suitable for all areas of the home. Enter the Everywear™ line from Trans-Ocean!

Everywear Rugs

These special, outdoor-ready rugs are UV-stabilized to minimize fading and can be hosed off for easy cleaning. Or, if you prefer, welcome them into the bustling entryways and rooms of your home.

Most of the Everywear™ rugs are designed by Liora Manné, and the selection includes a variety of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. Choose coordinating rugs to create a cohesive look wherever you like, or select different designs to cultivate a unique feel in each area of the home! Follow winding scrolls, dance among dragonflies, or meander through a field of pretty poppies. You’re sure to find an Everywear™ rug that looks fabulous indoors or out.

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Poppy Infusion Rectangle Rug Red Poppy Infusion Rectangle Rug Red

Earth Day Is Here! Go Green with Recycled Doormats and Stair Treads

Are you looking for eco-friendly, yet stylish outdoor decor? Whether you love the look of riverbed pebbles, scrolling medallions, or cheery sunflowers, there’s an outdoor mat for you. Made from recycled rubber, these environmentally-friendly doormats will be the welcoming touch your entryway needs. Click here to view our entire selection of recycled rubber doormats and stair treads, including the items featured below.

The Patio Stone Doormat and Stair Treads pair a pebbled design with faux stone rectangles. Not only are these outdoor mats constructed of recycled rubber, but they’re also made in the USA for truly pleasing decor.

Patio Stone Stair Tread Patio Stone Doormat 111 x 211

If you want to be sure guests feel at home, spell out your welcome with one of these inviting doormats. These USA-made mats have polyester heat-transferred designs on a backing of recycled rubber. The Florals in Fall Welcome Mat draws you in with a collage of beautiful patterns, including flowers and medallions. Guests will be all abuzz over the Sunny Bees Sunflower Welcome Mat, which has a green polka-dot background.

Florals in Fall Welcome Mat Multi Earth 16 x 26 Sunny Bees Welcome Doormat Multi Earth 16 x 26

Bring Summer Style to Your Patio with Outdoor Rugs

As the days of cabin fever fade into memory, the welcome sunshine and balmy temperatures will entice you to spend more time outdoors. Sure, you’re ready with patio furniture, outdoor chair cushions, and perhaps even a pitcher of tangy-sweet lemonade to quench your thirst. What else could be keeping you from enjoying all that backyard bliss? An outdoor rug will provide your sandaled feet with a little extra padding and enliven your covered patio with summer-suitable designs. Fashion an island-inspired ambience or snorkel in the mysterious blue sea with these fun patio rugs.

Plunge into the ocean depths, even while you’re lounging on your covered patio, with the Underwater Coral/Starfish Outdoor Rugs. These hand-hooked rugs will bring your aquatic fantasy to life with blue-toned waves, coral, starfish, and sand dollars.

In the air, a dragonfly might be a rare sight, but underfoot, you can enjoy an entire field of them! Available in five color choices, the Summer Dragonfly Outdoor Rugs feature dragonflies surrounded by a loop border. Designed by Liora Manne, these charming patio rugs are part of the Everywear™ Indoor/Outdoor Collection.

Underwater Coral Starfish Rectangle Rug Blue Summer Dragonfly Rectangle Rug

Perhaps you’d prefer a beachy vibe on your covered patio. If so, get ready to rest your feet on the Palms Outdoor Rugs. Scattered palm designs decorate these mold- and mildew-resistant rugs, also a part of the Liora Manne Everywear™ Collection. Choose from five colorations to make a tropical impression in your laid-back outdoor haven.

Don’t forget an outdoor rug pad to provide extra cushioning and to help your patio rug stay in place. These outdoor rug pads are durable, as well as abrasion-, mold-, mildew-, and fade-resistant.

Palms Rectangle Rug Outdoor Rectangle Rug Pad

Step Forward! Doormats and Outdoor Mats for Your Entryway

Your outdoor entryway is one area of the home that’s sure to get plenty of traffic, yet it’s easy to neglect it. If your existing outdoor mat is looking a little frazzled, or if you have no doormat at all, it might be time to step up your decorating efforts. Beautify the entrance to your home with the help of outdoor mats and stair treads.

Coconut fiber mats give your outdoor entryway a touch of nature, all while providing a textured surface to scrape mud, slush, and dirt from your shoes. If you’re trying to cut down on the dirt tracked into your home, a fibrous coir mat is a great place to start!

Sundance Outdoor Slice Mat Beige

Monogrammed outdoor mats are a simple way to make your entryway your own. These personalized outdoor mats feature your family initial accompanied by simple pattern or design. A monogram mat also makes a unique housewarming gift, one that will get plenty of use.

Double Border Outdoor Mat Green

Recycled rubber outdoor mats typically feature a molded construction and a heat-transferred design. These charming doormats will remind you of a pebble-bottomed stream or a quaint cobbled road. Get ready for compliments from your guests, who will certainly take note of your elegant entryway mat.

If you have steps leading to your entrance, don’t forget outdoor stair treads to increase traction and aesthetic appeal. Select stair treads that complement the design of your outdoor mat for an attractive entryway area.

Patio Stone Stair Tread Patio Stone Doormat  111 x 211

Tuscany II Slice Doormat Moss 35 x 23 Tuscany II Stair Treads Moss 35 x 9

Make a Grand Entrance to Your Home

A common welcome mat might get the job done, but why not give newcomers a little taste of grandeur? Add a dash of gravitas to your front entry with one of these robust relics, and you’ll have every onlooker longing to see what’s inside…

1. Entryway Accents: These statuesque elements look stately when positioned near or on either side of the doorway. As though plucked from the mouth of some forgotten temple, the Lions at Guard Sculptures harbor an ancient knowledge in their steady gaze and noble profiles. Taut tendons and rippling musculature give these stoic beasts an air of realism, while their weathered sand finishes convey quiet impact.

Lions at Guard Sculpture Pair

2. Doormats and Stair Treads: For drama felt in every footfall, outfit your entryway with stair treads and doormats. The recycled rubber Tuscany Stair Treads and Doormats are platforms of cobblestone fringed by cool-toned pebbles. Ascending your front steps or pooling outward from the threshold, these treads and mats beckon all into the arid reaches of your own Tuscan villa.

3. Address Plaques: Those standard black digits might whimper your house number into the streets, but the LaRoyal House Number Plaques will brandish your address with finesse. The bronze- or black-finished base is an ornate backdrop of twining scrolls. Raised gold or silver numbers display your house number. For weather and tarnish resistance, all plaques are finished with a protective powder coat.

4. Planters and Plant Stands: Perfect for displaying greenery, planters and plant stands give entryways a natural flourish. The Classic Roman Column Pedestal is antiquated and stately, alluring to time-honored architecture. With its scrolling volutes and ornate leaves, the ornamentation on this ionic column echoes the lush florals with which you will crown it.

All of these and more are the items necessary to spark a theatrical presence right at your front door. The outdoor area is an extension of your inner living space, a preview of sights soon to behold. So, tantalize your visitors. Make their every entrance a grand entrance.

Outdoor Curtains for Your Home Paradise

Crossing from the air-conditioned currents of your house and into the humid world outside is always a little dizzying. But outdoor curtains hung strategically over the exit make the perfect tropical transition, signaling to guests and family their eminent entry into an outdoor paradise of your own creation!

Sheer outdoor curtains deter the curious, over-the-fence-glance while still admitting sunlight and airflow. The Escape and Biscayne Sheer Outdoor Curtain Panels will make a breezy enclosure out of your pergola. A translucent waterfall of decadent fan leaves, the Biscayne panels invoke images of paradise. The solid sheer Escape panels, on the other hand, can coordinate with the patterned Biscayne to create visual interest. Exempting freezing weather, both grommet top panels are well-suited for the outdoors in most seasons. If they happen to get dirty (as outdoor items are wont to do), they are machine washable.


Sheer curtains may provide adequate privacy, but perhaps your idea of an outdoor paradise is more like a deserted island? The tab-top Matine Outdoor Curtain Panels are a “solid choice” for those wanting to create an isolated getaway safe from prying eyes. Solid hues of blue, green, pearl, natural, and white make coordinating with other outdoor elements a breeze. To diminish sunlight, choose darker colors; lighter colors will permit more natural light.

The Natural Bamboo Outdoor Curtain Panels are recommended for a covered porch or patio and look particularly tropical. The fibrous texture complements woven outdoor furniture, and the espresso color blends well with surrounding, earthy pigments. This window treatment should not be exposed to harsh elements. A damp cloth and a soft brush will make quick work of any dirt.

Last is the Outdoor Duo Tension Rod Set, the ideal hardware for a covered patio or porch. The espresso and nickel finishes, as well as the vast range of available sizes, will assure a perfect fit for every window treatment. The set includes an adjustable rod, end caps, and hanging hardware. Like the Natural Bamboo Panels, this Tension Rod Set should not be exposed to harsh elements.

Gazebos and decks, patios and pergolas, even balconies can all be transformed by the simple addition of outdoor curtains. Think of them as the finishing touches on an otherwise perfect space—the little paper umbrella in a glass of lemonade!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Entryway

With frost-pale lawns and haggard, empty trees becoming less and less of a common occurrence, the time has come to cast off the melting vestige of winter and turn our sights to spring. The entire world is waking from the somnolent lull of the cold, and as we stumble into the bracing sunshine, we take a look around and realize our outdoor areas need a little help starting the spring transition. And why not? Warm weather means more time spent outdoors; neighbors and guests and family alike need an aesthetic space to enjoy the renewed birdsong or to watch the flowers grow.

A good place to start is right at your front door. Trade the worn “Welcome” mat for something more vibrant but equally amicable. The Tuscany Slice Doormat looks as though it were carved from the bed of a gentle brook. A hardy cobble of stones forms the heart of this rubber doormat, while the outside is ringed by multicolored pebbles. Utilizing this same design, the Tuscany Rubber Stair Treads fit evenly over each step to provide a fragmentary display of beauty.

Surrounded by your rough plaster walls teeming with vines or a sunbaked patio littered with terra-cotta pots, the Tuscany Doormat and Stair Treads are the finishing touches on your own sunny villa. Made in the USA from recycled rubber, these doormats and stair treads are also eco-friendly, assuring many mild and enjoyable springs on our planet to come.