Exclusive Bandera Southwest Bedding and Bath Accessories

Be a style excavator in your own home! Unearth a whole new aesthetic with plenty of Southwest pizzazz—all you need is the Bandera ensemble. An exclusive design available only from Touch of Class®, Bandera is dappled with intricate geometric medallions reminiscent of those on Southwest artifacts. Hues of cinnabar, sage, moss, teal, sapphire, and natural add further Southwest appeal.

A comforter set and daybed set are available in the Bandera pattern, so you’ll have no trouble evoking the beauty of the Southwest in any bedroom. Spice up the look by accessorizing with coordinating shams, pillows, and window treatments.

Don’t forget to give that sand-worn, sun-warmed look to the bathroom! Bath accessories, valances, a shower curtain, a toilet seat, and comfort mats offer up an array of decorating possibilities.

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Bandera Southwest Comforter Set Bandera Southwest Daybed Set
Bandera Southwest Shower Curtain Bandera Southwest Bath Accessories

Brighten Your Home with Sun Wall Art

Things are heating up with the approach of the summer solstice. On this day, we turn our (hopefully figurative) sights to the sun, which will weather its longest “shift” at its highest point far above our heads. But people have always had the sun on their brains. As an inextricable part of our existence, the sun has symbolized the harvest and fertility, the battle between good and evil, and reincarnation. The sun is also a recurring character in artwork, whether he’s flashing a toothy grin and black shades from a gas station sign or blazing down onto a pharaoh etched in a pyramid wall.

Even today, a sun bearing a human face is a popular motif. This imagery dates back to ancient civilizations, from the Mayans to the Egyptians, that wished to represent a sun god or embody some human aspect, like bravery or masculinity. The Half Face Sun Wall Art, with its verdi patina coating and crumbling visage, resembles a relic recovered from the site of a once-prosperous utopia. His thick brows and steady gaze profess machismo and self-assurance, the very leer of Apollo or Aten.

Though sun worship is as old as time, you can still express your admiration without appearing as though you had to ransack Machu Picchu to do so. An abstract sculpture won’t depict telltale rays or a beaming face but will rely on our innate fascination with the sun to get the point across. The high-end and contemporary Starburst Metal Wall Sculpture is a brassy core from which long, steel quills radiate, black and white accents creating the illusion of an intense glowing.

With such frequent appearances in creation tales, artwork, and other human activities, the sun can be found in all manner of decor styles. The Celestine Sun Moon Wall Art harbors a distinctly Mediterranean flavor. Here, vivid floral, star, and scroll designs tie the celestial and earthly realms together, just as the sun acts as the buffer between Earth and space.

Meanwhile, the arid Southwest style is never complete without at least some passing mention of the sun. The Santa Fe Sun Wall Art, imbued with the orange and golden yellow tones of a desert, makes use of a more earthy palette to portray this great star.

As the sun prepares to make its loftiest climb into the skies this summer, where will you be? Outside, soaking up the rays? Or indoors, taking sweet, sweet refuge in the air conditioning? Wherever you go, keep an eye out for unique sun pieces. You never know what might brighten up the place.

Rounding up Western Ranch Decor

Western Ranch Style Decor calls to mind rowdy bonfire silhouettes under a sprawling night sky or horses pawing the canyon dirt, raring for their next adventure. This style, although far from disheveled, is every bit as unpolished as the rugged vaqueros that roamed the West. Round up a little Western flair in one room, or let it gallop unbridled throughout the home.

Think rough-hewn saloon doors and tired leather when utilizing texture; decor should appear timeworn but not run-down. The Open Range Western Accent Table is a fine example of good texture: this drawer and shelf feature a tidy plank design bolstered by sturdy metal legs. Wagon wheel motifs are a subtle callback to the days of arduous travel. Most importantly, the planks appear naturally worn, and the drawer handle resembles a segment of rope. The metal frame is finished in aged brown, bordering on rusty without any of the deterioration rust entails.

And where would Western ranch decor be without cowboy boot accents? Cowboy boots, and other accessories like hats, sheriff stars, or spurs, are nods to the wrangler way of life. The Southwest Cowboy Boot Wall Art is handpainted with the colors of scorched canyons and ripe straw, with a detailed spur and stitching designs.

Another accessory that incorporates cowboy boots is the Spur Western Wine Bottle Holder. Bull’s heads embellish the holder, which has a leather-like finish. A spur unites the ornamentation and gives it a rugged look.

When the evening rolls around, you’ll be ready to tumble right into bed, like a sleepy cowpoke after a hard day’s work on the range. Perfect for the cowboy or cowgirl at heart, the rustic Saddle Ridge Western Bedding will have you dreaming of pulling on your boots and climbing atop your trusted horse. Get spruced up and put a playful kick into your routine with Western bath decor. Rugged bath accessories capture the flavor of the West, sure to be appreciated by cowhands and city dwellers alike.

Western ranch decor has a way of injecting a little spirit into any living space; keeping texture, material, and accessories in mind can go a long way in recreating that lovely wildness in your own home.

Wrangle the Southwestern Style

Feeling bridled by your home decor? Unleash your tameless spirit with the earthy tones and tribal patterns of Southwestern decor! Colton Area Rugs evoke crimson sunsets over triumphant cowboys or blue horizons above hard-working rancheros. Most Southwestern rugs come in rectangle and runner sizes.

Colton Area Rugs

The Vista Oversized Bedspread, in all the clay-red, canyon-brown striations of a desert rock, is soft, polyester faux suede. This bedspread has bottom bell corners and alternating stripes of color. Peppered with Vista Accent Pillows, this bedspread is a dynamic example of the rustic touch Southwestern decor can wrangle into your home!

Vista Grande Bedspread
Vista Bedding Collection
“Finally I found a bedspread that is large enough for my ‘cover hogging husband.’ It is stylish, just like the picture, lightweight, washable, and BIG…everything I asked for.”
-Kathy, WA