Closet Organizers and Storage Solutions for Home or Dorm

Lost in a sea of bland totes and organizers? Put a little pizazz in your organization efforts with these patterned closet organizers and storage boxes. Towels, shoes, sweaters, cleaning supplies… whatever you need to store, wherever you need to store it, there’s a nifty solution!

Whether you’re a fashion-forward decorator or a college student who wants to stand out, these organizers will be just what you need. Made of fabric, these durable organizers and storage boxes are collapsible when not in use.

The Kelsey Collection is gray with sweet soft pink and silver florals.
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Kelsey Closet Organizers and Storage Boxes

The Lydia Collection has fashionable black, gray, and white damask.
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Lydia Closet Organizers and Storage Boxes

The Zoey Collection is gray with a sophisticated medallion design.
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Zoey Closet Organizers and Storage Boxes

Curious about these organizers?

The Storage Box Set of 2 protects your items from dust and dirt. Each storage box has a hinge for easy opening, a handle, and a label window. Large and jumbo sizes are available.

The Under-the-Bed Storage Box Set of 2 makes use of the space under your bed; stackable boxes can also be placed in a closet. Each has three handles, a hinged top, and a label window.

The Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer turns seldom-used space into ample storage. Organizer has 20 pockets and includes hooks for over-the-door use.

The Hanging Shelf Set of 2 includes a 6-shelf organizer and a 10-shelf shoe organizer. Each hangs via your closet rod and a sturdy hook-and-loop closure.

The Storage Cube Set of 3 is great for any room! Each cube has a front handle and a label window.

Create the Ideal Dorm

For the wandering college student, a storage tote is essential. August arrives without warning, and suddenly on-campus dwellers must make the pilgrimage back to their dorms. Cardboard boxes are ferried from car trunks, leaving old sweatshirts and expensive textbooks in their wake. Avoid scrambling the floorboards five minutes before class with the Fold N’ Store Tote and Crate. The storage tote has handles to easily transport clothes. The crate, on the other hand, is ideal for protecting those books you forfeited an arm and a leg for—and for protecting you from damage fees. With four color options, this tote and crate will match any room as a fixed storage unit—or fold them flat and stow them away until the next migration home!

Fold N Store Tote

Fold N Store Crate

Dorms aren’t known to be incredibly roomy; the Camden Hollywood Daybed Cover provides both seating and sleeping space. Available in an Extra Long Twin size, this compact and sleek cover conserves living space for more pressing matters—like sprawling video game systems. A wide selection of colors will complement any space. Most importantly—it’s washable! Finally, eating potato chips in bed is possible!

The 300 T.C. Horizon Sheet Set, with its watercolor motif, is more interesting than plain sheets yet still affordable. In a world where cheap pizza is the standard fare, don’t sacrifice more time or money than is necessary for the ideal dorm!

Horizon Sheet Set