How to Add Glamour to Your Vanity

Whether you’re preparing for the day ahead, a special occasion, or a night out, you deserve to feel pampered and special. Little touches of comfort and elegance at your vanity can make all the difference. Here are just a few ways to beautify your vanity:

1. Flower-shaped rug

Choose a pretty, blossom-inspired rug with contoured edges to add interest and comfort underfoot. You’ll love having a flower-shaped rug at your vanity—like stepping into your own private garden.

Flower Shaped Rug at Vanity

2. Upholstered vanity chair

Replace that worn vanity stool with a new perch for all your primping. Choose a vanity chair with a cushy, padded seat for comfort. Just be sure the seat height is appropriate for your vanity table.

Upholstered Vanity Chair with Flower

3. Beauty organizer

Banish clutter at your vanity station by using a cosmetics organizer to keep things neat. You’ll know just where everything is, saving you precious time before you head out the door. A two-tiered organizer works well at a vanity where space is at a minimum.

Fiore Beauty Organizer

4. Vanity tray

Place your most-used beauty articles, like your favorite perfume or lipstick, on a mirrored vanity tray. They’ll look pretty reflected in the mirror and will be easily accessible whenever you need them.

Adina Gold Mirrored Vanity Tray

5. Jewelry box

Keep small items like jewelry and pins from getting lost by placing them in a darling jewelry box.

Jaylene Blue Jewelry Box

6. Elegant lady figurine

Every fashionable woman needs a beauty muse! An elegant lady figurine will grace your vanity with the utmost charm. Some figurines have a small mirror or built-in drawer for your earrings or rings.

Elegant Lady Figurine with Jewelry Drawer

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These sophisticated beauties will perch happily wherever you choose to place them. Cultivate an aura of femininity at your vanity by displaying a dainty figurine atop a mirrored tray or beside your vanity mirror. She’ll be right at home among your makeup essentials, perfume, and jewelry. Or, give a sense of refinement to your nightstand or dresser, and let her stand beside your favorite scented candle, book, lotion, or hurricane lamp. If you desire, these lady figurines will also shine atop a pedestal table, mantel, or shelf in a lighted display cabinet.

If the words demure and feminine describe the recipient, consider a Victorian lady figurine or a graceful Southern belle. Her lovely countenance and frilly gown call to mind courtesy and gentility. Click on each image to view each item.

Sundays Finest Lady Figurine Purple Timeless Elegance Figurine Lavender

If, on the other hand, the recipient is bold and chic, find a lady figurine with glamour to spare. She’ll steal the spotlight with her self-assured pose and slinky gown.

Sweet Rest Lady Figurine Pink Parisienne Diva with Fan Figurine Ivory

History lovers and those with vintage tastes will be delighted with a post-Edwardian damsel or a fun-loving 1920s bombshell.

RoseAnne Vintage Figurine Zinfandel Dameisele Figurine

Is she always the poet and the dreamer? Select a lounging lady or an ethereal romantic.

Beautte Femme Lady Figurine Pale Blush Fair Cyrella Figurine Powder Blue