Spring Flourishes in the Blossoming Floral Sitting Area

Spring into a new, warmer season full of colorful blooms and radiant blossoms. Update your living room or sitting area with the seasons by transforming it into a never-dying garden of flowers with ideas from the Blossoming Floral Sitting Area.

A multitude of colors bursts from your window with floral curtains featuring flowers and leaves, then crawls across the room with coordinating pillows in a chair or on a bench. Blooms burst from your walls with metal wall art full of the illusion of swaying movement, and blanket your floor with bouquets upon a plush wool rug. Finish off the space with a simple side table upon which a vase of your favorite flowers sits, adding their fragrance to the room and lending a sense of reality to the garden you’ve sown in your home.

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Blossoming Floral Sitting Room

Flower Shaped Rugs

What could be prettier than a blooming flower blossom, right on your floor? These unique, flower shaped rugs have contours formed by petal designs, creating a pleasant reminder of a floral bloom. The delicate beauty presented by these rugs brings blossoming romance and enchanting charm into your home. The rugs feature vibrant colors and come in many flower shapes!

Scarlet Magic Peony Flower Shaped Round Rug
“The real rug is even more stunning than the picture…”
-Wall Flower, CA

Tina Bloom Flower Shaped Rug
“The Tina Bloom rug is a real showpiece in our new bathroom. The colors are variable shades of teal blues. Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful rug.”