New Clothtique Santa Figurines for Christmas 2014

What does Santa Claus do when he’s not making his famous list or inspecting the latest toys to roll off the elf assembly line? Toy-making is Santa’s passion, of course, but he also has other pursuits. He might be shopping with Mrs. Claus, baking up some sweet treats, or spending time outdoors. You never know what he’ll be up to next! Designed by Ann Dezendorf, these Clothtique™ figurines from Possible Dreams® are wonderfully imaginative and collectible. Figurines feature Santa with fabulous, handpainted resin details and a specially stiffened, handcrafted Clothtique(TM) costume.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus like to treat themselves to some classy gifts at Christmas, as evidenced by their Touch of Class(R) gift bag. This exclusive Touch of Class® Clothtique™ features the jolly duo bundled up in their classic red and white attire. They even have a fancy parasol along for protection against a wind gust or some early snowflakes.

Santa and Mrs Claus Touch of Class Clothtique Red

Santa gets his fill of cookies when he makes deliveries on Christmas Eve, but until then he’ll have to make his own. Santa doesn’t mind, though, not when he has a festive Christmas apron and toque to get him in the baking mood. His latest batch of cookies is in tribute to his famous flying team and features “Ate Tiny Reindeer,” along with Santa in his sleigh.

Ate Tiny Reindeer Clothtique Santa Red

Bring your appetite along, for Santa is hosting a holly jolly barbecue! Santa has catered to everyone’s tastes and prepared all sorts of grilled goodies, so remember to “Kiss the Claus” when you see him. This fun Clothtique™ is sure to tickle the funny bone of your own lovable backyard chef.

Kiss the Claus Clothtique Santa Red Set of Two

Santa isn’t seeing much on his nature trip except the inside of his eyelids! While the Jolly Old Elf grabbed a little shuteye, a gray squirrel stole a section of his sandwich. What’s more, that deer sure has his eye on the apple in the satchel. Oh, well. “You Snooze, You Lose!” Sleeping Santa is sporting camo overalls and a cozy red sweater. This amusing Clothtique™ figurine is perfect for your favorite outdoor enthusiast, especially someone who deserves a little ribbing about a camping or hunting trip that didn’t go as expected.

You Snooze You Lose Clothtique Santa Green

Possible Dreams Clothtique Santa Figurines

If your Santa figurine has fared way too many dusty “off-seasons” in the attic, it might be time to let the poor guy retire and find a new sculpture! Possible Dreams® will breathe a jolly exuberance back into your holiday decor with their astonishingly realistic Clothtique® Santa figurines. Characteristics of these Santas are their expressive faces and poses and hand-sewn, stiffened clothing. Possible Dreams is also infamous for its quirky portrayals of Mr. Claus doing everything from golfing to doing the jitterbug. With the advent of a few new Santas, some introductions are in order!

First up is the Naughty or Nice Clothtique® Figurine; Santa wields two stockings like a scale of Yuletide justice, one emblazoned with “naughty,” the other “nice.” But Santa wears an earnest expression above the life-like locks of his beard, leading the viewer to assume Santa will choose the candy-laden stocking over the other heavy with coal. Detail manifests itself even in these tiny lumps of coal, clustered together and bound by a ribbon.

Naughty or Nice Clothtique Red

The Red and Green Thumbs Clothtique® Figurine Set features Santa and his right-hand lady admiring a snowman shrub topiary. Mrs. Claus tilts her head to survey their handiwork, while Santa appears to have just snipped the final touches with his scissors. Laugh lines crinkling their eyes and intricate, green-and-red garden wear paint a realistic scene of husband and wive engaging in a new hobby together. This figurine is perfect for those who celebrate Christmas in a more temperate climate or are gardeners themselves.

Red and Green Thumbs Clothtique Set Set of Three

Finally, there is the Chocolate or Vanilla Clothtique® Figurine Set. One hand rested on his hip, the other clutching a chocolate and vanilla ice cream cone, Santa watches as two puppies wrestle and scatter cupcakes and batter. The green stockings and red house slippers suggest Santa was up for a midnight snack when he stumbled upon the scene. Try as he might to look stern at the mess being made, his rosy cheeks and kind eyes betray his amusement at the two curious pups.

Chocolate or Vanilla Clothtique Set Red Set of Two

Every figurine is a whimsical snapshot captured in the life of Santa, whether he’s taking up gardening for the first time or simply doing his job. Catch Santa in a candid moment with Clothtique® Santa figurines!