French Country Bedding – Perfectly Pastoral!

Écoute! It’s time for a lesson in French—French country decor, that is! A pastoral yet elegant decorating style, French country decor is characterized by its vintage accents and emblematic color schemes. You can preen a bedroom to Parisian perfection with French country bedding. Floral patterns and primary colors offset by timeworn neutrals make for a beautiful, rustic bedspread.

Named for a French country manor, the Chateau bedspread is a rubicund palette of red, blue, green, and off-white. Its sister, the Chalet, receives its moniker from the Alpine cottage with a wide, sloping roof built to divert heavy snows. Appropriately, an arctic assortment of blue, cream, tan, indigo, and off-white tinges this bedding. Both are dappled with an allover vertical diamond pattern, and the vermicelli quilting provides a distinctly provincial look. Spanning the off-white bands at the top and along the bottom edges, a parade of flowers ties in the flourishing fields of the French countryside.

Chateau Rouge and Chalet Bleu are cultured without being too frou-frou or fussy. Gusseted, split corners keep them compact and low-key, but the Old World patterns and pleasing colors are what lend these bedspreads their quaint appeal.

Whether it is charmingly pastoral or luxuriously opulent, French bedding will awaken your bedroom and give it a fresh new look.


Unique Daybed Bedding

As far as daybeds go, less surface area doesn’t always mean less impact. A well-decorated King bedspread is certainly lavish but risks overwhelming a small room. Those with dorm rooms or studio apartments, fear not! With the proper daybed bedding and a decorator’s eye, you can concentrate the sheer gravity of a decked-out King into a bed only half its size.

The romantic Springfield Floral Daybed Bedding Set, with daybed cover and three shams, is a little island of pastel flowers quavering on a light cream ground. Reminiscent of plump petals, a rippling flounce kisses the floor below. The daybed cover and shams are accented with twist cording that traces their edges like vines.

Springfield Daybed Set

The Chateau Rouge Daybed Bedding Set includes two shams and a crisp yet cheery spread. The daybed cover is “no-nonsense” with its tailored fit, yet boldly proclaims its ripe-red color scheme. The diamond motif swirling throughout its vermicelli quilt pattern is recollective of a wild, cottage-side strawberry. Off-white borders, top and bottom, exhibit floral patterns. Tidy and compact with its split, gusseted corners, this fitted daybed cover is pleasing to the eye as well as to wayward feet.

Chateau Rouge Daybed Set

Finally, the quintessential Color Classics Hollywood Daybed Cover is truly a spread you can make your own. The lustrous polyester provides striking contrast when coupled with your matte decor. Its solid coloration boosts creative potential, allowing you to effortlessly mix and match pillows. Diamond loop quilting provides interest, making for an elegant bedding—or seating!—arrangement. A cap on the back edge helps to hold the Hollywood cover on the mattress.

Color Classics Hollywood

Back cap of Hollywood Daybed Cover (Camden shown)

View this video to learn more about Hollywood covers (Camden featured).

A regular twin bed frame, with its head and footboard, is not always ideal for a daybed cover. Invest in a daybed frame that accentuates your chosen spread and surrounding decor, and you’re well on your way to a beautiful room, no matter how big or small.