Home Decor Solutions for Small Spaces

Even if you’ve grown to love a small room or nook in your home, you might be scratching your head wondering how to decorate it. Or perhaps you’re simply trying to conserve space to make room for other furnishings. Either way, these compact pieces and convenient organizers may be just what you need! Click on the image to view and purchase the item shown.

No room for a large media cabinet that sprawls across your floor? Think vertically! At only 11.5”W, the Pesaro Storage Cabinet has a sleek, space-saving design and will hold a total of 50 DVDs.

Have you been staring at that bare, narrow space for far too long? Consider a slender mirrored panel. The Larissa Panel Wall Mirror is only 8”W but still brings an elegant touch to your room or hall.

Pesaro Media Cabinet Larissa Wall Mirror Panel

Perhaps you’d love to add a bench to your entryway, living space, or vanity, but you simply don’t have the room. Opt for a petite upholstered seat, like the 17” sq. Creswick Stool, instead.

Are you short on space where you had dreamed of a full command center? Utilize the closest wall and let the 12”W Magnolia Blooms Organizer hold your mail and planners.

Creswick Stool Magnolia Blooms Wall Organizer

If that tiny bathroom has you perplexed, try an over-the-door rack. The Three-Bar Towel Rack provides plenty of space for towels while it conserves precious floor space.

Do you simply need extra storage space in your mudroom or kitchen? Keep any room looking neat with the 14.5”W Milan Double Wall Hook Rack, which offers three double hooks for your belongings.

Over the Door Towel Rack Milan Wall Hook Rack

Versatile Panel Wall Mirrors

At first blush, mirrors might not seem like art. You brush your teeth in them and sometimes doodle funny faces when they steam up. Hardly glamorous things! But what if you should encounter—horror of horrors—the dreaded “bald spot” on your wall? True, negative space has its uses, but other times that white maw of emptiness makes for a sparse-looking wall. If the space is too narrow to accommodate the usual painting or tapestry, it might be time to give mirrors a second glance—specifically, panel mirrors.

Panel wall mirrors are longer than they are wide, the perfect skinny space solutions! Besides taking up space, beveled mirrors provide an illusion of depth and can amplify the perceived size of a room. More than that, they’re fun. Position your panel mirror so that is reflects glittering candlelight, a breathtaking painting, or a slice of sky. Be creative! The fun of panel mirrors is that they play directly off your own unique home accents.

Align a row of beveled mirrors along the wall for an unexpected scene. The elongated shapes side-by-side create the illusion of one large mirror fragmented by space, a stunning effect that your run-of-the-mill tapestry is unlikely to replicate!

Finally, panel mirrors can blend with any and all types of decor; the frame is key. The Anisah Panel Mirror Set, with its ornate arches and two finish options, is ideal for decor with an Arabesque spin.

Anisah Panel Mirror Set

A romantic theme is complemented by the flower and leaf embellishments of the Britannia Panel Mirror.

If there is an Asian influence in your decor, the Ginkgo Panel Mirror is the obvious choice.

Ginkgo Mirror

The creative possibilities a simple panel mirror affords you are endless. In other words, don’t just fill that boring space—fill it with intent!