Cater to Your Inner Diva with Fabulous Vanity Decor

Being a bit of a diva is allowed when you’re primping at the vanity table. Take a little time for yourself, and see if your vanity space needs some panache and glamour. These suggestions will point you in the right direction! Simply click on each image to learn more about these stunning vanity accessories.

A magnifying vanity mirror is a must if you have drawers full of cosmetics. The Crystal Magnifying Mirror looks like a nod to Old Hollywood with its gleaming satin gold finish and gem embellishment.

Word wall art is a fun touch if you like your vanity area to look sophisticated yet playful. This framed wall art sign set will remind you that you are Gorgeous, Fabulous, and Beautiful.

Crystal Magnifying Vanity Mirror Fabulous Gorgeous Beautiful Word Wall Art Set

Of course, every beauty needs a place to perch as she polishes her nails or styles her hair. Let the Claira Vanity Chair serve as the most elegant seat in the house! A multifaceted gold finish and a cushioned seat make this vanity chair both elegant and comfortable.

Place your most-used accessories in a decorative vanity tray. Your trademark perfume or favorite hue of lipstick will be right where you need them. The pearl-dotted border of the spacious Julietta Vanity Tray will give your vanity area a hint of the posh lifestyle—before you go out to face the real world!

Claira Gold Vanity Chair Julietta Vanity Tray

Vanity Chairs and Stools

Vanity chairs and stools bring a touch of nostalgia and prim poise to a room without turning it into an obstacle course. These pretty perches can be stowed tidily under a desk or makeup table to save space. When out on display, vanity chairs exude an old-time charm, calling to mind Victorian beauties or kohl-eyed flappers meticulously painting their lips.

The Belhurst Vanity Chair encapsulates that antiquated look with a solid wood frame, sleek cabriole legs, and a cane inset on both the back and sides of the chair. A seat that swivels 360 degrees makes both entry and exit one graceful movement. Providing interest with the gapped inset encircling it, the ivory cushion is dabbled with a diamond motif. A choice of natural cherry or antique ivory finish means easy coordination in any bed or bathroom.

Belhurst Swivel Vanity Chair

The popular Flare Back Vanity Chair is as mobile as it is beautiful. Double casters with 360-degree rotation can usher you effortlessly from place to place. The sturdy steel frame cradles a vinyl upholstery cushion. Plated brass, plated chrome, and powder coat nickel finishes make this vanity chair highly versatile as well.

Flare Back Vanity Chair  Flare Back Vanity Chair

The Odette Vanity Stool is a perfect addition to safari and Old World decorating themes. Crouching on scrolling, acanthus leaf legs, this metal stool is finished in gold with bronze and copper antiquing. Ribbed trim surrounds a woven chenille seat. The leopard pattern cushion gives this ornate vanity stool undomesticated elegance.

Odette Vanity Stool

Vanity chairs aren’t just places to preen! Durable and decorative with stunning ornamental motifs, vanity chairs are old-time accents with a contemporary flair.