Get the Look: Butterfly Wall Collage for Spring

Fly into the season on wings of beauty bursting with color. Explore your own unique creativity in spring decorating influenced by nature’s beautiful butterflies. Imbue subtle pastels into your living room with canvases and wall art, or make a bold statement with a bright palette and an iridescent sheen that draws the eye.

Inspire everyone who steps into your sitting room to enjoy spring to its fullest. Center a personalized metal wall sculpture above the sofa and surround it with these hovering symbols of change, hope, and life. Frame the metal marvel with fluttering golden butterflies and a pair of pastel-hued canvases. Give these gorgeous insects a garden of their own with hand-picked flowers in vases beneath this wonderful array. Finally, cushion the sofa with soft pillows for the added touch of “butterfly kisses.”

Click here to recreate this lovely display, or design a butterfly wall collage all your own!

Butterfly Wall Collage

Allow butterflies to flit about your entire home, not just the walls. Sink into airy butterfly bedding brimming with spring greens or illuminate deepest night with a glowing table lamp. Encourage guests to spread their wings and soar with a garden-inspired rug or a wreath-like accent of butterflies alighting on branches and flowers. Lighten up a bathroom with towels and accessories or a kitchen with wall sconces and table linens.

Check out all of our butterfly home accents and let Touch of Class® help you create A Home Like No Other® that embodies this blossoming season.

Celebrate Spring’s Approach with Floral Wall Art

With floral wall art, you can sow a seed of spring ambience into even the drabbest wall. A bouquet of sweeping tendrils and pastel petals will invoke the freshness of springtime, and more importantly, embellish any empty areas.

One stunning form of floral wall art is the Metal Wall Sculpture; distinguished by their gently swooping stems and understated colors, these sculptures are cheerful statements either on their own or when framing another piece. Sweet striations of lavender, pink, and cream rollick through clusters of blossoms in the Hydrangea Wall Art Set. Pastel green leaves upturn their fronds, motioning for a little spring rain.

Wall Tapestries lend an air of sophistication to spring decor. The Magnolia Crimson Wall Tapestry features blithe magnolias spreading against a regal background of dark green and crimson. The striking contrast between blossom and background will captivate all eyes and melt away the pale tones of winter.

Wall Plaque Art also has a way of thawing out a tired winter wall. The Carissa Floral Wall Plaque Set is soft and antiquated, like a fond memory of spring. In each set, yellow, mauve, and apricot roses swim in an off-white porcelain background, each arrangement arrested forever in time by encircling gold leaf frames.

On the other hand, if “artsy” is more your style, it’s worth looking into some Canvas Art. The Marche de Fleurs Canvas Set is a serene depiction of drifting wildflowers and butterflies, with a classy scroll of French words blooming just beyond.

Whichever you choose, floral wall art brings a certain liveliness to your home, a breathless anticipation of warmer days and clearer skies.