Evoke Ranch Living with Western Home Decor from the Laredo Collection

Are you feeling like a weary cowpoke after a long day’s work? Hang up your hat, prop up your boots, and settle in! Surrounded by Western home decor that evokes ranch living, you can let those cares fall off your shoulders. We used the Laredo Collection as our foundation to create Western flair, then wrangled up a few other pieces to complete the look. Click here to view the entire Laredo grouping, as well as other Western home accents.

Laredo Collection of Western Home Decor

Infused with cowboy spirit, the Laredo Collection features boot designs, ornamental spurs, buckles, and studs. Though they are decoratively embellished, most of these Western decor pieces are functional as well, providing you with storage and display space.

Laredo Collection of Western Home Decor

Showcase your favorite Western knickknacks, horse sculptures, pottery vessels, or faux succulents on the Laredo Four-Tier Etagere. Hang your faded denim jacket or trademark hat on the Laredo Wall Hook Rack, and keep clutter off floors and table tops. Your equestrian-themed magazines will be right at home in the Laredo Magazine Basket Set. Place an LED candle in the Laredo Candleholder for a little extra glow as the sleepy sun sinks beneath the horizon. Finally, display the Laredo Wall Plaque Set on your wall for the ultimate in ranch-style ornamentation.

Even a cowboy must have his comforts, so don’t forget a faux leather arm chair and an eye-catching area rug. The Woolmark® Southwest Diamond Area Rug features a large diamond in the center and smaller designs in the borders; colors of sage, russet, and tan compose the rugged color palette. A rustic accent table with Western bookends will further enhance your ranch-themed home decor.

Rounding up Western Ranch Decor

Western Ranch Style Decor calls to mind rowdy bonfire silhouettes under a sprawling night sky or horses pawing the canyon dirt, raring for their next adventure. This style, although far from disheveled, is every bit as unpolished as the rugged vaqueros that roamed the West. Round up a little Western flair in one room, or let it gallop unbridled throughout the home.

Think rough-hewn saloon doors and tired leather when utilizing texture; decor should appear timeworn but not run-down. The Open Range Western Accent Table is a fine example of good texture: this drawer and shelf feature a tidy plank design bolstered by sturdy metal legs. Wagon wheel motifs are a subtle callback to the days of arduous travel. Most importantly, the planks appear naturally worn, and the drawer handle resembles a segment of rope. The metal frame is finished in aged brown, bordering on rusty without any of the deterioration rust entails.

And where would Western ranch decor be without cowboy boot accents? Cowboy boots, and other accessories like hats, sheriff stars, or spurs, are nods to the wrangler way of life. The Southwest Cowboy Boot Wall Art is handpainted with the colors of scorched canyons and ripe straw, with a detailed spur and stitching designs.

Another accessory that incorporates cowboy boots is the Spur Western Wine Bottle Holder. Bull’s heads embellish the holder, which has a leather-like finish. A spur unites the ornamentation and gives it a rugged look.

When the evening rolls around, you’ll be ready to tumble right into bed, like a sleepy cowpoke after a hard day’s work on the range. Perfect for the cowboy or cowgirl at heart, the rustic Saddle Ridge Western Bedding will have you dreaming of pulling on your boots and climbing atop your trusted horse. Get spruced up and put a playful kick into your routine with Western bath decor. Rugged bath accessories capture the flavor of the West, sure to be appreciated by cowhands and city dwellers alike.

Western ranch decor has a way of injecting a little spirit into any living space; keeping texture, material, and accessories in mind can go a long way in recreating that lovely wildness in your own home.