Cold Weather Solutions for Your Home

As temperatures plummet, thermostat wars are being waged in homes everywhere. The chronically-cold, bedecked in their battle armor of fuzzy slippers and throw blankets, will inch the temperature up by one degree. Ever vigilant, the penny-pinchers will tick the temperature back down to a tolerable sixty-five. And so it goes, on and on, an endless wintertime battle. Sound familiar? The right wintertime products can put a stop to this madness! Look for cold weather solutions like thermal curtains, heated mattress pads, and cozy blankets that exude warmth without wasting money.

The Weathermate Insulated Thermalogic Curtains are a great first step toward easing thermostat war tensions. With a unique, insulated fabric construction, these thermal curtains keep the cold out of your home and your hand out of your wallet. The solid colors make for a low-key, elegant look that will not interfere with your current layout. From terra cotta to khaki, there’s a color for every room!

Weathermate Grommet Curtain Pair
Weathermate Curtains
“[We] noticed an immediate difference in room temperature – it was like we added another layer of insulation!”
If you’re unwilling to part with your original curtains, the Thermalogic Curtain Liners can be slipped between your curtain and window for the same money-saving effect.

Ultimate Blackout Curtain Panel Liner
Ultimate Thermalogic Curtain Liner
“I like that they can be hidden behind my current white curtains and they don’t feel like plastic, so the curtains still hang nicely.”
-KS from CT

Wintertime bedding also has a way of eliminating trips to the thermostat. The Soloft Microplush Sheets will indulge you in ultrasoft polyester. The fitted and flat sheets and even the pillowcases are enveloped in this plush material, engulfing you from all sides in a pocket of warmth.

Soloft Microplush Sheet Se
Soloft Microplush Sheets
“These are without a doubt the most comfortable sheets I have ever owned…so snuggly soft you won’t believe!”
-Carolina Girl from SC

Toss the Cyprus ComfortTech Blankets atop these for a lightweight, down-alternative cover that traps heat but will not suffocate you.

Cyprus ComfortTech(TM) Bla
Cyprus ComfortTech Blankets
“The best blanket [I ever] bought. Soft and warm…”
-Linda from LA

A heated mattress pad nestled below will radiate heat up from your mattress into your sheets and covers. Five heat settings and two controllers (for Queen and King sizes) mean fewer skirmishes over temperature. In addition, a 10-hour auto shutoff will prevent fire and will, at the very least, conserve energy and save you a few bucks!

Simmons Beautyrest(TM) Heated Mattress Pad White

So, keep the peace! Insulate your curtains and your bed with these cold weather solutions, and you’ll be well on your way to a warmer (and cheaper!) winter.

Cold Weather Bedding Solutions

When the first frost ticks its icy fingers against your window this year, you’ll want a cozy hideaway from the chill morning air. Cold weather bedding is the key to complete coziness. It should embody all the warmth of a crackling holiday fire, so you won’t have to scurry off for more layers. It should also, above all, be soft! Who wants to wrap up in a coarse cocoon of scratchy blankets? The world outside might look like a freshly-shaken snowglobe, but cold weather bedding can help keep your bedroom from feeling that way.

The foundation of any cold weather bedding ensemble is a cozy sheet set. Swap your cool, summertime sheets for something more toasty, like brushed, ultrasoft microplush sheets. Available in a variety of colors, the Soloft Microplush Sheet Sets are downy and thick, enveloping your pillows and mattresses in shrouds of irresistible warmth. This luxurious sheet set is made from 230 gsm (grams per square meter) polyester, making it a high-quality addition to your bedroom. The flat microplush sheet will happily accompany you to the coffee maker or breakfast table on those especially brisk mornings.

Blankets are an obvious—but essential!—cold weather commodity. Choose down blankets or electric blankets to lavish atop your sheets. The Timeless Down Blanket is pure cambric cotton and filled with premium white down, the crowning glory to any soft winter sanctuary.

For the chronic “warm spot thief,” an electric blanket might be the better choice. The Beautyrest Electric Blanket is ultrasoft, polyester knitted microfleece with a reverse of solid microfleece. Twenty settings pinpoint your favorite temperature, and a 10-hour automatic shutoff safeguards your bedroom.

The Queen and King Beautyrest electric blankets come equipped with two controllers, ending the age-old feud of too hot versus too cold. Besides being luxuriously warm, heated mattress pads also have this excellent peacemaking feature in sizes Queen and King.

The nights are getting longer and colder, so make your bedding fuller and warmer! Cold weather bedding will transform those frigid nights and icy mornings into warm moments spent curled up in bed.